Stripe has decided our business is too high risk, but won't actually tell us why?

I have been working on SKUSavvy.com for about a year now in my spare time. We've been using a test stripe account to get our integration setup and now that we expect paid customers in the near future we figured it was time to incorporate with Stripe Atlas and get a live stripe account. However, after submitting our application stripe concluded that our business is too high risk...? I have no clue what part of our software is considered high risk. And to make matters worse Stripe hasn't offered any sort of explanation to "protect their processes". Has anyone dealt with this sort of thing before, it sounded like they were unlikely to overturn their decision.

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    They still power OnlyFans though right? Money talks.

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    Very puzzling. It's clear that they didn't reject you because of your business model. What is risky about inventory management software business? If I had to guess, I'd say they're trying to protect a partnership.

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      Nope we were trying everything we could to make them reconsider but they kept giving us the same reasoning, almost verbatim.

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    Same here - blank page on Mac Safari

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    Stripe Atlas is Stripe's service to help with forming a US-based company. This is not required if you're looking to use Stripe's payment processing. Maybe you can write them and explain you're looking for a regular Stripe account and not a Stripe Atlas account.

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    Why do / did you need atlas?

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    Your site doesn't load in Safari for me. Works in Chrome but not Safari 14.0.3. Just a blank page. No content, just some script tags. Could that be the problem?

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      BTW, Safari console shows an error. Chrome console does not.

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        safari didnt support a regular expression I was using so it crashed my whole app... anyway it's fixed now but I appreciate you bringing this to my attention.

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    So, from which country you are ?

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    Can you share the email they sent you declining you?

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      Thanks for submitting your Stripe Atlas application!

      Unfortunately, we can't support <redacted>, Inc. at this time. After reviewing your application, we've found that your business presents a higher level of risk than we are currently able to work with.

      We're sincerely sorry we aren't able to support you with Stripe Atlas, and wish you the best of luck with your company. You won't be charged the $500 Atlas fee.

      then after asking if it was a mistake

      Hi <redacted>,

      I hope this email finds you well! We really appreciate the time you find to let us know about your issue. I can see that you're having inquiries regarding the rejection of your account, so I'll do my best to shed some light into this matter.

      Although we really appreciate your eagerness to continue working with us, our decision is final based on our review of your account. We do have to impose strict limits on the types of businesses we can and can't support. We're unable to work with any business that we believe poses elevated financial risk, or violates our own policies; in this case, after a thorough review of your account, we have determined that your business falls within these guidelines.

      That said, I can assure you that we have done a thorough review of your account, and we will be unable to reverse our decision. We are unable to provide any further details regarding the reason for your account's closure in order to protect our processes.

      I apologize that we weren't able to offer you a better experience, and wish you the best of luck with your business. Should you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us back at any time.

      Best regards,

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    I'm a bit confused. If you have a test account, you have a live account - at least that's how it worked for all the times I've used Stripe. You don't have to do Atlas to get a live Stripe account.

    But, yeah, looking at your site, I'm confused about why it might be deemed too risky too. I thought maybe you were in a foreign country, and you are, but its just Texas, so that shouldn't be a problem - that's basically almost like being in the US...

    Did you perhaps make a mistake on the compliance attestations?

    Due to a combination of local and international regulatory requirements, commercial partnerships, and other factors, it is outside Stripe's risk tolerance to accept payments or do business with individuals or entities in Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Syria, and the Crimean region of Ukraine.

    I'm pretty sure they do some level of background check on you, have you had past issues with credit/payments/etc?

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      It's true that we could've launched without Atlas, but having been rejected from Atlas our Stripe account is now disabled.

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