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In one of the applications I am currently working on - "I will have to collect money from a bunch of people through stripe and once everyone contributes, I would need to send an unique link to a specific person so that he/she can withdraw the money that has been collected" - what is the best approach for this using stripe? If you have come across any documentation, can you please share please. Thanks.

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    I think all the other posters have been missing a key point to this:

    I would need to send an unique link to a specific person so that he/she can withdraw the money that has been collected

    That's called a bank, and unless you create one, you are probably doing something illegal. You can abuse Stripe to do this, by applying credits to your users, but they won't get the money out unless they cause a charge back. Which will hurt your business.

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    You would use Stripe Connect to do this.

    The safest way (for you) would be to have the receiver of funds register a stripe account, then connect their stripe account to your Connect platform. That puts all (well, most of) the fraud/validation/etc responsibilities onto Stripe. This is also the lowest fee option. They would use the regular stripe website for registering. This is called "Standard".

    There's an intermediate option, called "Express" where you build the onboarding process, but they end up with a Stripe-Lite sort of account, and Stripe still does some level of verification.

    Finally, there's a totally custom option, where you have to build everything, and you're fully responsible for all legal issues and verification.

    You might have noticed I keep talking about verification - this is because unless you are very good at this, your platform can quickly become a mechanism for money laundering, and, well, prison is not fun.

    Anyway, here are the docs on Stripe: https://stripe.com/docs/connect
    Here is pricing information: https://stripe.com/connect/pricing

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      Thanks a lot for the information @Edwardmsmith, I will look into the docs. :-)

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    I would do this in the app itself and just use Stripe for payments.

    I’d assume that there is “something” that can tie these groups together. Whatever that is, ideally a token or code of some sort, pass it along with the payment as metadata.

    Then catch the stripe webhook that contains the “transaction complete” information. This will contain the metadata.

    Use this to build the information you need in your own database and thus build your own logic to send the link to whoever needs it.

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    I’ve been trying to add Stripe Connect to my SwiftUI app for months and while I am confident I can get it to work, but just a heads up that Stripe simplifies this stuff, but it’s still pretty complex.

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