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Stripe vs PayPal Checkout

PayPal now offers a seamless checkout page similar to Stripe: https://www.paypal.com/merchantapps/appcenter/acceptpayments/checkout

In addition to paying by credit/debit card, users can pay with PayPal, or Venmo on mobile.

I am developing a consumer webapp with one-time purchase, and I'm leaning towards PayPal checkout because I'm assuming the conversion will be better, since many people have PayPal and it's easier to pay because there is no need to enter card details.

I'm curious if anyone has experience or thoughts about conversion rates between Stripe and PayPal checkout?

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    My experience has consistently been that Stripe is a modern and customer friendly company while PayPal is inconsistent, whether be in their customer service, innovation or else.

    Apparently, Stripe's rates are lower but do your research as well:

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