Stripe's new feature lets you sell online without a site

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      Yep. The news here, as Patrick Collison pointed out, isn't that this is an unheard-of feature but rather that it has finally come to Stripe:

      While there are lots of antecedents (this is, after all, just a checkout page with a URL), and even though this was substantially inspired by the growth of the no-code ecosystem[0], the thing that's interesting to me about the payment link "space" is that it's a use case that really took off in other markets first -- Nigeria, India, Philippines, etc. I suspect that staying abreast of important new patterns emerging outside US/Europe will become more important for many businesses in the years ahead... there are a lot of legacy assumptions being questioned.

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        Agree! In India the payment links feature has been offered by all the major payments APIs like Razorpay since the beginning. Another popular feature is collecting payments on WhatsApp. This one is surely a fire in the Indian Payments ecosystem. Good to see Stripe working on adding features that other demographics like to use.

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          Doesn't Stripe require us to register a company to work in India? So by that case, I'd need to register a company just to get payments, right?

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        Yup true, not just Gumroad, there are services in India like InstaMojo and Razorpay which have had payment links for a while now.

        Stripe doing it takes the feature mainstream.

        There's plenty of disruption happening in the payments space outside of US/Europe. Good that they are learning from there

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      This is a non-point.

      Between 2011 and 2021 Stripe have been busy with the small task of changing the online payments industry. No-one is claiming here that they have come out with something novel / game changing.

      It's just a new feature being added to their already substantial feature set.

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        For the first time everrrr......

        Guess they're not apple 😁

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        Just realised this tweet is from the founder of gumroad which makes it even more pathetic in my opinion.

        The point he's trying to make is that Gumroad were 10 years ahead of Stripe. That's just dumb.

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          Stripe is innovating in business, finance, tech, startups at international S tier levels while Gumroad is a very solid company. They're not in the same league.

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            They do now. But not when the tweet was made.

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      "PayPal account". Yeah, no thanks.

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        If you're based in the US, they offer ACH payments.

        Either way, Gumroad already uses Stripe under the hood anyway.

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      Oh wow a software feature is in 2 different apps! Holy moly someone warn Clubhouse!

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      This comment was deleted 2 months ago.

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    I love Stripe, but this is still useless for European creators as long as Stripe doesn't act as a merchant of records (i.e. handle all tax remittance). Who know what the TaxJar acquisition will bring, but for the time being, not really that helpful on this side of the pond.

    No creator in their right mind voluntarily submits themselves to the administrative hell called EU VAT/MOSS.

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      I was about to write the very same thing. It's crazy.

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    I wrote a whole blog post on IH about how I use Stripe Payment Links but I guess it got buried by the algorithm - so shameless plug https://www.indiehackers.com/post/stripe-payment-links-a-new-way-to-sell-online-217e80fc80

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      I guess it got buried by the algorithm

      And then unburied by a human!

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    I have a slightly tangential question: anyone have tips for how to create the cool animation/gif that Stripe has in the hero section of the landing page (i.e. it shows the conversation, the link appearing, then the payment modal popup)?

    Does one make those through Figma or other software? Thank you in advance

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      Hi! From the code it doesn't look like its something done in an animation tool. It's done using CSS and some clever JavaScript is what I think. Couldn't find out if they have used any kind of plugins though.

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    Well, I just checked so you don’t have to. Powdur.me redirects to checkout.stripe.dev.

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        It’s in stripe’s video. They use an example of someone contacting Powdur.me to buy a powder. The transaction happens thru stripe payments or whatever this product is called.

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    I couldn't find a way to redirect back to my website from the Payment link. Has anyone figured out a solution to this?

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      I'm also looking for the same feature, any updates on this?

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    What will this new feature do to stripe's existing partners who are already doing the same thing? Take https://trolly.link for example?

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    Innovation is not the trick. The trick is applying something mainstream with existing demand to an already innovative product.

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    I think IH is one of the few places that understands the magnitude of this update. Wait until the public realizes the capabilities.

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      Can you expound upon the magnitude of these capabilities?

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        Sure, and sorry for the late response.

        Firstly, this eliminates so much buyer friction it's crazy. You'll be able to meet people wherever they are. Sell through social media DM's, texts, chatbots, you name it.

        It's no-code, so it also eliminates seller friction. You're gonna see this in TikToks. Social media influencers are gonna go nuts with it. Supply the payment link with a built-in promo code. That's easy money.

        For us product people, it'll make UA that much easier as well. Recruit users and make sales wherever you are on the Internet, as well. That's about all I can think of for now, but I'm sure people will find even more uses for it.

        You'll be able to sell single products on your site without setting up an online store. That in itself is a game changer, too.

        Let's see what happens!

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    Found this super simple and short video on how to integrate Stripe using Typedream: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pTU2duGv0a0
    Literally 2 minutes of work. All that made possible using pricewell.io . Both great products

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    It's a great feature.. it would be great if stripe add ability to specify success page to payment Links

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    I haven't used Stripe (yet). Am I understanding correctly that with payment links the unique handle you get to each purchase is via the dashboard with a row showing customer email address and product ID?

    I can see how from there you can ship a product with a no code integration. But how do you handle something like a subscription where the service should stop being rendered if there hasn't been a subsequent payment? Is that doable with this service?

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    Wish they had this before I went through all the trouble of setting it up using code about a few weeks ago lol...

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    No offense to Stripe, but PayPal has had that feature for like 40 years :)

    And yes, you can also pay via credit card through the PayPal payment flow.

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    Now if only we could cut out Stripe, that would be amazing! Nothing against Stripe, but this minus the middle-man would be payment bliss for me.

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    Really cool and handy! Not an innovation but def an application!

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