Landing Page Feedback July 6, 2020

Stripe's new interface. Thoughts?


Okay, maybe im just being a fanboy here but did you guys see the new Stripe's interface. Looking 🔥🔥🔥

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    Looks like an example of designers spending all day gawking at their own design while forgetting users only take 5 seconds to view the whole page.

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      Haha, I can’t agree more. I keep thinking users don’t care as much at the end

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      Hahah "for designers, by designers"?

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    Are you talking about the main dashboard for admins or the new thing they rolled out for customers to manage their own subscriptions?

    Or for that matter.... is it their website you're referring to? Or their app?

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    It's pretty. But... I think I liked the old one for one main reason: it did a better job of illustrating how Stripe fit into many notable brands and operated behind the scenes. It did that without making the product feel unattainable for a small business but showed social proof in a really elegant way. Their social proof now is just the typical set of company logos at the bottom of the fold - tried and true but boring.

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    As pointed out by many designers on Twitter, the new Stripe landing website has multiple issues regarding color contrast and overall readability.

    Seems that the design team had fun with all these color gradients :)

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    Frankly, I liked the old one better. But I'll get used to this as well. Might be better for new customers, don't know. Seems to me overfocused on design a bit.
    That header lacks contrast big time though.

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    The managed subscriptions are really nice to have. Exciting to take advantage of this soon!

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    Overall great. It‘s really missing some contrast. What I really appreciate is the focus. The new page doesn’t feel bloated. Every content section tells why stripe is a good choice.
    We have to keep in mind that probably 99% of their visitors already know what Stripe is. They were able to build a very strong brand in the last years. What do you think is it a good blueprint for Indie Hackers?

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    I love how they reduced the navigation elements down to the bare essentials— cool to see a big company reduce. (I'm assuming we're talking about the website!)