Subscription updates failing with Stripe India

Hello fellow hackers,
I have been building my site for audience in India, and using stripe India (with a company registered in India, and a back account in India). My biggest problem is that a lot of them (apprx 30%) subscriptions do not renew on the second month and the reason cited is transaction_not_allowed. Is this something any one else has experienced?

I suspect this is because every card issued in India is 3D Secure enabled and subscriptions on 3D secure just have a much higher failure rate on off-session charges. Has any one experienced this.

I could not figure out how to add an image attachment so here is an imgur post

Stripe support has basically said they cannot do anything and that the customer has to contact their bank to find out why it failed.

Specifically sites which have India heavy users have you experienced this and how do you handle this?

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