Substack Newsletter Tips/Resources


I've been writing on Substack for a little while now, and am currently managing 3 Newsletters:
Blogging Guide
Canva Design
Personal Finance

This post contains a compilation of Substack-specific resources. Some are posts written by me, others are guides, tools, or videos from other writers or Substack.

I hope this post is helpful to writers who are getting started on Substack, or are looking to increase their subscribers.

What is Substack?

Learn more about what is Substack and how to create your own newsletter.

Substack Formatting Tips

Learn general Substack formatting tips, how to create private publications, how to create multiple publications, and how to write on Substack using your mobile device.

Substack vs. Medium

One of the most common questions I answer is:

Which digital publishing platform is best for my writing?

This post compares Medium and Substack, two of the more frequently discussed options.

Substack Potential Writer Earnings

Substack Resources

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    hey @Casey_Botticello congrats on launching 3 newsletters. Is your newsletter listed on Substats.com? Let me know if you have any ideas to improve the site. RIght now, I'm focused on helping substacks monetize, cross-promoting, and bundling sales.

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    The Canva series looks great!

    Would be awesome to hear your feedback on my substack newsletter. @Casey_Botticello

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