Suggestions for managing multiple emails

I have a bunch of emails (6+) to manage (personal, multiple businesses). I've been using Kiwi for Gmail which works okay for me, but was wondering if there's a better option out there?


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    What would you like to solve?

    1. Accessing all mails in one place?
    2. Accessing all documents in one place?
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      I'm looking to have all mail in one place

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    Spark mail app. If you are on Apple ecosystem.

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    Try routing your emails to Gmail

    You can set up email routing in Kingmailer (Sorry for the self promo 😢)

    You can send and receive your emails in Gmail and send emails using your business domain from Gmail without managing multiple inboxes

    All you need to do is:

    Add your domains, verify it, creating routing

    For example
    Emails sent to address x will be sent to address y (your Gmail inbox)

    In your Gmail you need to add the SMTP settings, this will allow you to send emails using Gmail but using your business domains

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    I recommend a local email client. I use evolution which is only available for Linux, but any email client can use Gmail's IMAP access.


    • all email in one program
    • write or search emails offline and they send when you pop back online
    • And... Drumroll -- most local email clients don't take 1+GB of RAM like a single Gmail tab does


    • installing software
    • migration of Contacts out of Gmail (may be less pain than having many separate Gmail contacts however)
    • finding something decent for (insert your OS of choice), popular choices include Thunderbird and Microsoft Outlook

    Good luck! Let us know what you end up deciding on

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      thanks! I'll look up Thunderbird, I haven't heard of them before.

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    Not sure what headache you are trying to solve, but Superhuman is pretty awesome if you are willing to pay $30 p/m

    My problem with it initially was there was no aggregated view of all my inboxes. But it's super easy to switch between the different email addresses that it doesn't matter to me anymore.

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      Awesome, good to know. Yeah $30/m is a bit high...but I'd consider it. Does Superhuman have a limit to your accounts?

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        Don't think so - I have only have three set up but think I remember them saying you can add as many as you'd like.

        If you let me know your email address I can refer you and you skip the queue I think 👍

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