March 29, 2019

SummarLight: A Chrome Extension To Help You Skim Through What You Are Reading

Bilal @seattlehacker

All -

I built a chrome extension. The SummarLight extension highlights the most important parts of an article/blog/story you are reading so you can skim through it in no time.

The launch has been underwhelming but I didn't expect much. Would love to get some feedback on this.

Here is the link to it on the Chrome Web Store:

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    Highlights random stuff for me. Misses some key points.

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      Yes - summarization is a difficult task and I am still looking into better algorithms that can be do this in a reasonable amount of time. Thanks for the feedback.

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        You are welcome.

        I'm curious how this could even work. What's the logic behind?

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          The extension calls a serverless API where the logic is written. There are a variety of ways to create summaries of documents using Machine Learning or graph based, TF-IDF approaches.

          Basically - The architecture is flexible and I can create different types of API that can then do something which can then be reflected on the page you are on. If you got ideas let me know. :)