Daily Stand-up March 31, 2019

Sunday Edition: End of Month Retro

Janice @Janice


It's the end of the month! And we're still...ahem... standing. Congrats!

01 What did you conquer in March? (Did you accomplish your epic?)

02 What was problematic in March?

03 What do you plan to conquer in April? (What will be your next epic? )

04 Pat a fellow hacker on the back.

Happy Sunday!

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    I have a marketing site. I've built it twice. I've influencers. I've a social presence. My first experiment went well enough to continue into April. I've 1 of 2 algorithms completed.

    Not conquered:

    The article count fell short. I wasted time with WP. I didn't finish validating my concept.

    Next month?

    Finish validation!

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      What does "finish validation" mean?

      Also, just went back to check out your new site and it looks like you aren't redirecting the base url to the www. subdomain - not sure if that's on purpose?

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    Posting late!

    2019 Goals for Magnus Rush

    • 50 Augmented Podcasts: (4/50) 8%
    • 12k MAU for the App: (0/12k)

    March Epics
    (Stats from Clubhouse.io)
    Milestone: Soft Launch: 72% Complete

    • [Epic] Launch Marketing: 52% Complete
    • [Epic] SaaS MVP3: 76% Complete
    • [Epic] App MVP3: 93% Complete

    I didn't exactly crush my EPICs for the month. I did cover a lot of ground on some very large things, but the small wins are getting harder to break out. I will need to bust some hump tonight to bring it home as much as possible

    I was often distracted by my day job and other things going on in life. In April I am going to try to draw a firm line in the sand for burning my midnight oil

    In April I am going to release and begin stoking the fires

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      But posting!

      I should have asked, but... what's your epic for April? Or perhaps a better question is... how will you quantify stoking the fires?

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        For me that’s going to mean a month of Launch Marketing. Some Medium articles, hunting down any testimonials I can, and 3-5 direct conversations with SaaS users on getting them to promote MR on their shows. Will get this quantified and codified tomorrow

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    I'm going to try and dive back into this for April!

    My project:


    My goals for April:

    • Complete the first, live version of the course (with 7 participants) successfully*
    • Record 10 interviews with amazing founders/salespeople (5 confirmed, 1 already done)
    • Have 500+ people sign up for the prelaunch list (currently at ~40 but haven't pushed it yet at all)
    • Successful completion of the live course would mean a) all participants are happy, and b) I learn exactly which bits of sales founders struggle with when they're starting out
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    • Applied to 32 remote sales jobs and did 6 interviews.
    • Got 8 founders to reject the problem, product idea & value prop.
    • Got 5 founders to share real sales problems.


    • Time. Everything requires time something out of my control. I forgot how mentally exhausting the job hunting process could be. Right now it seems any move, task or project that can help (any aspect of my life) requires more unpaid time.


    • Get a remote job.
    • Do 10 customer interviews.
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