Daily Stand-up May 26, 2019

Sunday Retro: How was your IH hustle this past week?

Janice @Janice

#weekly-retrospective, #daily-stand-up

The weekly retro gives hackers the space to:

  • Reflect on our triumphs for the week.
  • Reflect on where we fell short for the week.
  • Share concerns about being on track for your monthly epic and ask for feedback.

To join in:

01 Share your epic (a big chunk of work with a meaty objective) you'd like to complete by the end of May.

02 Share your triumphs for the week.

03 Share your failures for the week.

04 Share your concerns moving forward.

05 Give feedback to at least one fellow hacker and give them an IH Point for their check in.


06 Share your Work In Progress to underscore your accomplishments.

(Smiling) The regular scheduled stand up will resume tomorrow.

  1. 1

    Projects: https://257fixes.com/

    I'm into adding the new offering, restructuring my current offering and increasing output of sales strategy I currently employ, which is direct sales for the most part, while I previously relied on referrals.

    Working on a writing project with a friend and kickstarting a fintech project of my own. Both to be shared with the distinguished IH community.

  2. 1


    By end of 2019

    5K MR ($3,513.34 of $5,000 - $0 from Jeanius | $3,495.34 from Hair Mogul | $18 from Happy Endings)

    By end of May

    • [Hair Mogul] Create 6 of 13 modules for online course. (5 of 6 created)
    • [Jeanius] Hire second VA.
    • [Jeanius] Add 16 posts of content. (7 of 16 published)


    • I'm happy with the progression of the course. I've had several minds blown, which is start. But the final metric is results.
    • An IG superstar influencer reach out and ask for a collab. That gives me hope that there is a possibility of a repeat performance re Hair Modul audience.
    • I'm still managing to produce content ahead of schedule. Excited for a bit of reprieve this upcoming week. (But not much.)
    • By entering another community, course creators, I discovered another need. (Maybe.) I can't pursue it at this time, but it's cool to be developing the relationships I'd need if I'd like to pursue in the future.


    • I want a repeat performance as soon as possible to see if this course can translate into recurring revenue. But I'm attempting to be measured and go through the proper launch theatrics. The wait is killing me.


    • Same as last week and will continue until I launch another round in August. Is Hair Mogul recurring revenue? Or a on-off?