Survey: How do you spend your day?

Seems like the day whizzes by in a blink of an eye! I'm always left wondering...did I use my time wisely? Most likely not! :)

Wanted to ask other solopreneurs/indiehackers, how do you spend your typical workday? Please share your average day...even if you normally focus on specific work on different days. Also, sharing the context of your stage/role is helpful too!

Here's mine below!

Stage: Pre-product / Pre-revenue
Team Size: 3+ (me full-time, 2 part-time devs, plus couple marketing freelancers)
My Role: Founder/Product

1hr - meetings/project management
2-3hrs - product/design
2hrs - SEO/writing
1hr - social media marketing
1hr - industry research/networking
1 - 3hrs - strategy/thoughts/tinkering

I'd love to see your breakdown!

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