📈 Survey: is this enough to differentiate my product from competition?

One week ago, I launched https://found.dev. The website is way much more than a simple job board. But I guess I am not a good communicator, so most of the feedback I get is kind of: "ewww.. another job board?"

One of the many features it offers is that developers can get a public developer profile like found.dev/me/your-name. Example: https://found.dev/me/antonio

Apart from that, it is also allows both companies and developers to manage applications on the website. This is not compulsory, but an optional feature. Right now the functionality is pretty basic, but I am continually working on this in order to improve it.

Do you think those features are enough to make the web attractive to developers and companies?

Is this enough to differentiate my product from the competence?
  1. No
  2. Yes
  1. 3

    Another approach is to think about how can you connect employers and job seekers in a new way that benefits both? Could be based on common values, benefits, culture, office size, remote capabilities, etc. etc.

    Take a look at https://www.keyvalues.com/ as an example of a way to build a sorting system that creates a simple but extremely appealing job board.

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      Thanks, I'll take a look.

  2. 3

    May be giving developers the possibility to choose another skin for its profile would be a good idea.

    1. 1

      Absolutely, this is a feature I am working on. Thanks for your feedback!

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    The thing about a job board like real-estate and other classified ads (2nd hand for example), the number one features a user cares about is the mass

    If I could go to only one site that had the absolute minimal functionality but had like all of the listing I'd forgive just about anything else, it can be ugly, slow and horrible in other ways, but if it has 99% of the listings the rest would be forgotten
    So it's a winner takes all mostly

    Nicheing down can work, if you have the most react jobs, cool

    You can be a profile site, due LinkedIn does a more than decent job
    Resume producer site/services/apps are a plenty almost as much as Todo apps it feels

    I'd think of these as two different business in a way
    One doesn't reflect much on the other in my eyes
    I'd go to job boards and post a LinkedIn export as resume or go on LinkedIn jobs and post resumes created elsewhere

    For a job board your jobs is to get the job listings of some niche from one side and get job submissions for the other side

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      Thanks for your valuable feedback!

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    By reading your website, those differences are not pretty clear though.

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