Swipe Directory - Curated Collection of 170+ Best Resources & Tools in Marketing!

Swipe Directory is a no-code side project created by me. It's a curated collection of 170+ highly valuable resources and tools in marketing.

It is categorized into 16+ types. You can even search and filter according to keywords.

Swipe Directory is made just using Google Sheets, with the help of SpreadSimple.

This project makes me $200/month.

I have shared my learnings and insights in a blog post.

How I Built Swipe Directory Using Just a Google Sheet That Now Makes $200/month

Let me know if you have any questions.

  1. 3

    This is awesome!
    Plenty of questions:

    • And are you making a commission on the courses etc?
    • How many users are you getting a month?
    • How are you growing?
    1. 1

      Currently, I make commissions mostly from the affiliate links inside the swipe directory.

      I get around 400/500 visitors a month on an average. It can vary. Sometimes I get more, sometimes less.

      Here are my traffic sources:-

      • SpreadSimple ( Referral. They have added my website in showcase category)
      • Reddit
      • IndieHackers
      • Twitter
      • Email List
      • Organic
      1. 2

        Clever with affiliates! I bet you can offer 'sponsored slots to companies as well.

        Sounds like you got something good going, it's just a matter of growing it. Will be submitting a copywriting article sometime soon ;) any topic requests?

        1. 1

          Great. looking forward to your article.

  2. 2

    This is nice! Would you be open to conversation? Ive been a designer and brand strategist for while but looking at pivoting out of it.

    I’m not interested in selling to you or anything. But I’d like to pick your brain and can give some design direction or strategy in return.

    1. 1

      Yes, please. Please share your project & business model. I will share you some revenue strategies.

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