Happiness July 10, 2020

Take profit on happiness early and often

Jay from Zlappo @simplisticallysimple

If you're a stock/crypto trader, you know that you should take profit often, early, and never regret making a profit.

I think the same concept should apply to happiness.

There's no sense in pursuing delayed gratification to an extreme degree, because:

  • We may die anytime, "the future" might never come.
  • Our youth is invaluable -- many things are never the same again once we hit 30 or 40, and that includes our energy, zest for life, social circle, etc.
  • We're more able to focus on the important things once we get fun, dating, traveling, FOMO, YOLO, what have you, "out of our systems," as opposed to being so frustrated all the time because we never enjoyed ourselves.
  • We won't be accumulating regrets going into our 30s and 40s, as we would have done most of what we want to do on our bucket list.
  • We have our whole lives to get rich and worry about all the boring financial career stuff later on, and, if we suddenly died, we would be glad we did the happy stuff already instead of being caught off-guard.

So I actually believe that we should be having a lot of fun in our 20s.

Get all the stuff we want to do out of the way first, then focus on indie hacking or startups or whatever.

This makes a lot more logical sense than pawning away our youth to toil endlessly for years while depriving ourselves of the opportunity to be truly happy.


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    I actually very much agree with almost everything you said. The fact that the future is uncertain is very clear, especially in these times. I bet we’re going to see a lot of people who kept pushing off that trip they wanted to take or vacation will all jump on it the second they get a chance.

    There does have to be a balance though. Most people do need some amount of money to survive and I think that does put some limits on exactly what you can do early on. Some of us are indie hacking not to get rich but to make money to survive not having to be accountable to a boss.

    That being said, I do think everyone should take time from their day, everyday to do something that makes them happy.

    I also want to add as a last thought, for some people, indie hacking makes them happy and that’s amazing, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that 😊.

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