May 22, 2019

Talent Search is live on ProductHunt today - search for talents across multiple social platforms

Brandon Wu @theBrandonWu

I've always had better luck hiring from social and professional platforms (GitHub, CodeCanyon, Twitter, Dribbble, Behance...etc.) than posting jobs on job sites. A few weeks ago, I had the idea of creating a simple tool where I can conduct searches across these sites in one place - and it's now live on ProductHunt! (

If anyone's interested in how it's made - leave a comment and I'll get a blog post up to explain. It's a quick project but I like the idea - if enough people find it useful, I'd love to go back and turn it into something more complete.

Please have a look, and I'd love a vote if you find it interesting. Thank you! :-)

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    Upvoted and adding to my collection

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      Thanks so much!

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    Ah, interesting. Is this a bit of pivot from your previous idea? Or just another one? :)

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      Haha not a pivot but more of a related tool. The idea is to build small tools like these that are related to people, relationships, and networking, and put them all here ( If some of these get more traction than others, I see that as a signal to explore further in those direction ;)

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    I am interested in how it's made. What language? How do you aggregate them together? Do you mind open sourcing the code?

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      Yes I am planning to do a quick write up on this. In short: initially I did it with python+flask+Amazon Lambda, then realised I over-engineered it, so I rebuilt it with javascript+jquery.

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        I love JS. Did you use the Twitter search API? How do you get users that match a specific search query? Also for LinkedIn, StackOverflow, etc. Did you use their APIs or it is just scrapping?

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          I thought about hooking it up to the various APIs from these platforms, but for this pototype, I just used - leveraging what Google already knows ;)

          Which is also why you see ads at the top of results.