Talked To People And Found A New Opportunity For My Tool! ✨

Hope the week is going great for everyone!

I want to share a surprising insight that I discovered through user research interviews for adding new features to my productivity tool Brutask. In case you're wondering, I spoke to people in my network who are using the tool actively, along with few new people whom I approached online.

Some Questions That I Asked

  1. How are you finding the habit of To-Do lists?
  2. If any, what kind of new productivity apps have you started using?
  3. Are you finding Brutask useful?
  4. Have you noticed any new behavior patterns in yourself?
  5. What is an obstruction for you in improving productivity?

Surprising Insight Out Of All

Although I am still in the process of conducting these interviews, I have already found a big gap! Turns out that several people love weekly planning over daily planning! This particular opinion got me thinking and while doing team discussions, couple of my team members also spoke about how they love weekly planning themselves!


Bingo! That's how it hit me that I should add a weekly planning view to Brutask.
Although I don't have the resources and bandwidth to implement it right away, it's added to the product feature pipeline in the near future!


Finding new feature ideas might be difficult but there are multiple ways to tackle this. User research interviews and surveys is one of those ways and proves to be great way to get new data. Try doing this with potential users you think might use your product. People are friendly + helpful, so you can use linkedin, twitter or even indiehackers to hit them up with a request message.

Have you tried conducting user research interviews too? Share your experience, questions (or even results) in the comments down below! 👇

Siddhita ❤️

If you want to learn about conducting great user research interviews, here's a useful link for you to get started!

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    I'd recommend visiting forums and understanding pain points.

    Subreddits like getmotivated are places where people hang out and share their pains and troubles.

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