April 3, 2019

Target 2030: Day 2 of #The100DayProject

Chris @blunicorn

Today was day 2 of #The100dayproject where I'm attempting to start a non-profit organization in 100 days and share my progress daily.

Does anyone else feel like daily sharing about a project is too much? I kind of feel like it is and it's only day 2 ...I'm not really used to sharing what I do as it feels kind of egocentric (#oversharing). It's sort of the whole methodology of the hashtag on instagram, like to keep yourself accountable to something, so I'll stick with it, but if it's not for you the please ignore any post starting with Target 2030!

So, I spent the time I had today on one small practical thing, but I also began to note down my initial thoughts on the goal(s), audience, approach etc for the project. If you're interested in my progress, read on :)

Practical thing:

I use protonmail for my personal email and had the option to add a custom domain within my current subscription, so it was a fairly straightforward matter of updating the DNS records for target2030 in GoDaddy.

After that I spent time noting down ideas, with the following outcomes:

What is the goal?

The goal of Target 2030 is to create an aggregator for our individual willpower, using it to fight in our last stand against climate change, and win.

...Note for IHers: Setting an outlandish goal is a classic strategic part of strategic planning. Sometimes referred to as the BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal), it seems kind of silly but having worked at companies that build their values and targets around these sort of statements I've seen the benefits.

Who is it for?

The conscientious amongst us, those who don't trust our governments and 'the market' to solve our problems, anyone who doesn't know how they can effect change on their own, anyone who feels the guilt of years of inaction, people ready for positive change, people who want to say they did something. For the next generation.

How will we get there?

There are plenty of groups fighting in the corridors of power, or working global institutions and state government (think Paris Agreement etc), so arguably it's a crowded market and an ineffective one at that. With Target 2030 I will instead focus on the sort of changes we can make as citizens, working together. The core areas of focus are:

  1. Funding the purchase, protection and restoration of land, worldwide.
  2. Coordinating, and pushing for, climate action at an individual level.
  3. Applying pressure to politicians and government organisations but exclusively at a local/regional level.

Others organisations in this space

This isn't something I've shared on Instagram with the hashtag, but an area I wanted to discuss on IH :)
There are genuinely (and thankfully) quite a few organisations operating in these areas. Most organise pressure campaigns and/or lobby national governments, but many are already restoring land and protecting it for the future. I want each and everyone one of these companies to flourish, there are no competitors only siblings.

So that begs the question 'why are you entering this space?' and there is no simple answer, but the following areas are motivating me (I'd love for people to pick holes in these, so please do!):

  1. I have ideas for several approaches that people aren't currently pursuing.
  2. I want to donate money, but I also want organisations that nurture proactivity in individuals (it exists, but can often feel like tokenism), rather than employing thousands of people and pouring money into lobbying politicians who are simultaneously being lobbied by corporations with much deeper pockets.
  3. Some non-profit organisations have, frankly, mutated into giants. They aren't lean enough, and I'm a firm believer that the nimble ethos of a startup could effect change quicker and more precisely than them. We don't have time to waste.
  4. Just like there are 100's of fintech tools, or job boards or helpdesks, there can be many groups fighting the climate, it's not 'winner takes all' like the social media wars. If you think you can help, and I genuinely believe I can, then you should try right?
  5. When I'm dead and buried and my daughter is living with the most radical consequences of climate change, I want her to know I tried.

Okay...that's all I've got. Pretty long post today, if you read it all thanks very much. On to day 3 :)

And here is the related Instagram post, follow the project on there if you're interested:


Also, a question for @rosiesherry : You mentioned creating a product page on IH, I did that yesterday...does it make more sense if I now share these posts from that page or from my personal IH page?

  1. 1

    Yes, it makes more sense to post these on your product page. Have it all in one place and be proud at the end of the 100 days :)

    1. 1

      hmm, but until my page is approved, which requires 3 posts, will my posts actually show up? Additionally, I can't change the owner/author of the first 2 posts can I?

      1. 1

        It normally takes 24 hours for the page to be approved/visible once the steps have been completed. You could copy over your previous posts and back date them.

        There is a manual (me!) moderation process that happens atm, which ends up choosing what appears on the 'top' home page. Often the 'good' product posts will get selected to appear on the homepage. All discussion posts do appear on 'new', but you are right that the product updates do not appear there.

        Our goal is to have a constant flow of great discussions and useful posts on the homepage. Not everything makes it through and spam is something we deal with daily. You will always have a greater chance of being more visible if you focus on writing something useful/interesting.

        It's up to you, how you prefer to do it. I would personally do it via the product page as it will give you a nice/single location of your progress for future and easy reference for everyone.

        We welcome feedback too, I'm pretty sure there will be updates/improvements to the product pages in time.

        I hope that helps?

        1. 1

          Thanks, yes I see. I view the daily posts as akin to the #daily-stand-up so I think I might carry on doing those from my profile - or maybe within that thread that Harlem does.

          It seems odd to fill up the product timeline with 100's of posts when many of them won't really constitute 'milestones' by my definition e.g. launch company, registering business, taking first payment, hiring first employee, reach 1000 users etc.

          Thanks for explain some more about how it all works :)

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