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Hi guys!

Last year I launched my own SaaS as a side project next to my freelancing work. This SaaS has been fully developed by myself and 1 other developer to scratch our own itch. We both use Asana together and for different clients, but Asana doesn't have easily identifiable task IDs (e.g. TA-01, TA-02, TA-03 and so on) nor do they have commit messages you can relate to these IDs. So we build a SaaS that integrates this and have been using it ever since. The website can be found here: https://astogi.com

However, we are having a tough time marketing the application. So far multiple users (a few dozens) have signed up and everyone that does use it loves it. (At the time of writing a few thousand tasks are being tracked) So the idea is validated but the users that are interested in it are hard to find.

Asana has a huge Twitter account with about ~125.000 followers which are all potential leads. Does anyone have a good idea of how to target these leads or notify them of this existing application?

I'm considering to hire someone just to go through all of these followers, find out about possible companies that use Asana and might be interested and then to contact them. But I feel this is gonna be expensive, repetitive and not very useful.

Any pointers would be greatly appreciated! :)

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    Most case studies of using Twitter as a biz strategy in my database involves striking up conversation with people who've actually tweeted at a potential problem.

    Eg: "I dislike using Asana because..."

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      This is a great strategy for creating your marketing copy as well.

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    Hi Zander, indeed the users are hard to find! We kind of have the same experience.
    We launched the beta version of Keypup a few months ago. Our platform integrates with both development and project management tools (such as Trello, GitHub, or Jira).
    So what we do is just writing content about those integrations, post the content with mentions and hashtags. And then for our sponsored posts on Twitter, we target the followers of those apps (you can directly pick them in your campaign targeting settings).
    Unfortunately, I don't know how you can directly notify the Asana followers. I suggest you start with Twitter Ads first to gain more visibility.
    I hope this will help!

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    Did you also try "competitor alternative" landing pages?

    Podia is a good example for this, where they have a total of 37 “[competitor] + alternative” pages (all variations of the same template) pulling in 5,500 organic traffic/mo, as outlined in this great post by @harrydry 👉https://www.indiehackers.com/post/the-power-of-competitor-alternative-pages-af65370532

    So if competing products like JIRA have these kinds of integrations, you could start creating landing pages, how your solution is better than theirs.

    Not directly a solution to your question about targeting potential leads via Twitter, but might help you nonetheless gt more traffic and more users in the door.

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    @Taronyu Hi, i'm happy to help you. Could you please email me on [email protected]

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    I actually wrote a comprehensive list of underrated/underused ways to market your SaaS on Twitter, hope you find it useful:

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    I'd suggest creating some content around those pain points - the reasons you started Astogi. Then find where people are discussing these problems and share your content ( a community promotion strategy). There are a lot of productivity/project management YouTube channels reviewing the different PM tools. I spent weeks watching these type of videos when I decided to bail on ClickUp! The comments section could be a good place to check out.

    Like @hansvangent mentioned, competitor alternative landing pages are great for this as well.

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      You can probably reach out to those channels on YouTube to get your solution reviewed as well and gain some extra eyeballs on your product.

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