News November 26, 2020

Tech CEOs are Leaving San Francisco

Channing Allen @channingallen
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    Makes sense in my view. These days you can really create a Startup - especially in the digital space - from anywhere if you wish to. Covid will also probably help accelerate further that trend.
    There is a certain "hype" in SF now, and you can surely accomplish as much elsewhere for far less.
    Investors mindsets have evolved too.
    Some 10 years ago, being "on the other side of the bridge" in the Bay was akin to being at the other end of the World... Difficult to be seen, let alone to raise.

    Glad to see this is all moving!

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      I agree — founding a startup is now more global than ever, and zoom calls with investors are nearly as effective as in person meetings (not 100% as effective, but it works nonetheless). Covid definitely pushed this trend forward about 5 years according to some experts and VCs I've talked to. Full disclosure — I wrote this article. Thanks for reading!

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    2020 has changed the world, so it makes sense for them to seek better lifestyle since they already have the connections to keep going forward.

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      Exactly — founders go wherever it's best for themselves and their businesses, so a state with lower taxes is naturally going to look attractive to them. Thanks for reading!

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