Tech Co-Founder For Crypto Reporting Tool

Hey Indiehackers!

Like many, I've been fascinated by the world of Crypto over the last few years, first investing in BitCoin back in 2017. Only recently though have I started to invest more heavily.

In doing so, I've come across a problem... tracking my portfolio across the different wallets & exchanges is hard - and no app does it well. There are a few out there that try, but I've not found one that reports well and connects to all the main exchanges.

And so I want to explore the idea of creating my own platform for it. Very basic web app that connects via API to the different exchanges, providing nice looking reports that show:

  • Invested amount
  • Current value
  • Profit/loss over time

Making it easy for investors to make buying/selling decisions.

What do I bring? I run an advertising agency that manages over $3m per year for clients across SaaS and other industries. If we can build it, I'll be able to get the users.

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    actually checked with a friend, he said coinstats, delta, blockfolio, zapper, dfox, zerion all do wallet tracking over multiple exchanges. What would you improve that these apps do not do well?

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    Hey, not sure how much time I will have but definitely interested in contributing. Let's have a chat!

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    Hello, I'm a fellow crypto fanatic (although haven't been in the space for as long as you have). I have some Full-stack experience and have worked with plenty of APIs (REST and recently GraphQL).
    DM me on Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/abdessamadhamzaoui/

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