Tech Co-Founder Looking for Small/Lifestyle-Biz Partner


I'm a senior full-stack developer (25 years of experience, have done basically every company size from one of the first hire in a startup to big banks and government departments), working remotely as a freelancer since 2014. I've launched various personal side-projects throughout the years, including my own indie company a few years ago. You can learn more about me on my personal website. I can build, maintain, scale and operate pretty much anything in a web stack.

However, I'm not good at marketing/growth/leads. I love building stuff, and am aware of my shortcomings in that very important department, so I'd like to try something different for my next thing - I'd like to reach out and find a like-minded person that could complement me well, with whom I could have a good synergy.

Very much like that recent post in this group, I'm not interested in "conquering the world", building a huge company, hiring people and swimming in my gold coins, I'd consider something like $1K/mo a resounding success and anything above it a bonus. I have some ideas, and I'm absolutely open to hearing yours and figuring out together which one excites us the most/makes the most sense. Some semi-random things about how I see this, to accelerate potential matches:

  • Zero interest in cryptocurrency- (or blockchain-) related things
  • Nor in anything shady or walking an ambiguous line
  • Web before mobile (if ever)
  • Probably targeting businesses vs consumers? Not a hard rule, can be convinced otherwise, more of an inclination.
  • Respect, kindness and ability to have fun while doing hard work and facing obstacles!
  • Async, written communication > meeting (but let's still meet every now and then to share excitement, concerns, progress, and just generally get to know each other better!)
  • "Small/lifestyle-biz" affects the idea too (not just the desired outcome): not interested in a huge "disrupt whatever" endeavour that requires super complex tech and takes years to build, we should aim for something that can be launch-ready as a v1 in 6 months or less.

On that last note, I have a relatively flexible schedule, so while this wouldn't be my full-time gig, this could definitely be more than a "side-project" - I can put good quality time on this, not those silly nights-after-work-and-weekends-on-the-brink-of-burnout hours.

I speak english and french (french being my native tongue) and live in Canada (Quebec, east coast). You could be anywhere in the world, I think if it clicks we can make the distance and timezone difference work no problem. If that resonates with you, let's try this! Please contact me and introduce yourself via email, it is in my profile.

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    Just came to say great post! I’m sure you’ll find a match in no time 🙌

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    Hey everyone, the response has been amazing, a bit overwhelming to be honest :D I'll be a bit slow to respond over the weekend, just FYI, but I'll make sure to read every email and respond by the start of next week!

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    Caught up with all the emails this morning, thanks for the great response everyone!

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    Hey, I would love to chat, please email me on [email protected]

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    Sounds great! Keep an eye out for my email.

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      Thanks Vincenzo, will get back to you by EOD (it's ~noon here)!

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