Tech landing page redesign. Rate our previous LPs!

Hi Indie Hackers! I am amazed to see how active this community is.
We tried many tweaks to increase our conversion rate.
We started with this design: https://www.keypup.io/lp/priority-inbox
To this: https://www.keypup.io/lp/keypup-priority-inbox-tech-leader-a
We are currently working on improving the last version.
Any thoughts about improvements we can make?

  1. 2

    The new template looks much more modern.
    I would recommend aligning text to the left side. It isn't easy to read when it is centered.
    On the smaller resolution, the image overlay the header text.

  2. 2

    What I like the most is the crystal clear example workflow you've given in the landing page. Though it is lengthy, it clearly conveys with message of what your app does. I would reduce other less important stuff in the landing page and give more focus on the example.

    1. 1

      Thank you @rajanmr. You are right, the example is the most important part. We even dedicated this part to a website page: https://www.keypup.io/features

  3. 2

    "Manage your and your team's Pull Requests, Issues & reports."

    This sounds a bit weird. Maybe just stay "Manage Pull Requests, Issues & reports."

    1. 2

      BTW, the video is really nice!

      1. 1

        Thanks for your feedback @maria_nicolae ! We wanted to include the word "team" because that's what we do, and it was for the SEO as well. But you are right, what you say is simpler.

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