Technical Co-Founder | Edtech | Language Learning at Stealth-Mode Start-Up

Today, 9 out of 10 people who are learning a language online quit at an early stage, and only a tiny fraction of those who continue, achieve fluency; those who do achieve fluency - usually spend an incredible amount of time on it, and of course - money.

We are an early-stage start-up looking for a software engineer to lead its engineering function; Our mission is to help people around the world learn a language in a new and exciting way.

This includes:

Building our first product while creating a strategy that would allow us to create future products
Help us not only build a product but a great company

We are looking for:

A partner, first; You are comfortable with owning technical and business problems, not just ship code.
You care deeply about our mission - which relates to education and specifically, language acquisition, but also about driving business and technological impact through improving user experience and research.
You take a thoughtful approach to decision making, and at least on the technical side, you know when to move fast, and when to slow down and do things right.
You are serious about data, experimentation, and data-driven decision-making.
You have an impact-driven approach, with the ability to translate product changes and goals into technical specs and deliver high-quality products.
You want to work for and lead an early-stage start-up and you understand what it means, and believe the best product is one that helps users accomplish their goals.

Your technical skills

You have "hands-on" strong experience in building backend services + AWS or similar service experience is a bonus.
You have "hands-on" experience integrating 3rd party APIs.
You have knowledge of software engineering best practices.
You have "hands-on" experience developing web applications, with Javascript, Node.js, React, Laravel or other popular web development technologies.
Bonus! You have experience or exposure to ML/AL.

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    Hello @idocohen, I'm interested in this project to take off as per your mentioned skill sets. Let's connect at [email protected]. Thanks

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    Hello there,

    I think I have experiences that we can use to build the app. Please visit my LinkedIn page and check my experiences. If you found they are appropriate, then we can talk more.



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    Howdy, I'm a full-stack developer and I'd be interested in learning more about this. Feel free to email me [email protected]

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