Technical co-founder looking to partner up

Hi all,

I got inspired by @mna's post recently and wanted to share my profile with you too.

I am full stack software engineer with over 15 years of experience. I have also recently enjoyed some time in management. I have worked for companies of different sizes—from very small to very large. While working on the odd side project can be enjoyable I miss the collaboration with other people to build something truly meaningful. Someone to share a vision. Building a product that people love to use.

I have a small family and work/life balance is really important to me. I have a full time job and I would consider this an opportunity to learn something new. Over the years I have learned to make significant contributions even with my limited time. I am based in the UK and speak English and German. I enjoy asynchronous communication but I don't mind to have the occasional catch up to synchronise. I am happy to make a small dent in the universe, I don't need to own the entire universe.

Ideally I am looking for a partner that can complement my skill set. I think there is value in covering multiple aspects of the product lifecycle.

If this post resonates with you, then please get in touch via email. Details are in my profile.

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    I got quite a lot of emails of the back of this post. I am working my way through them! Sorry if this is taking longer than expected.

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    Hey @tobscher, I have sent you an email.

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    @tobscher - just sent you an email. Cheers!

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    Twitter: "This account doesn’t exist"

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      Please use my email to get in touch. I don’t use Twitter anymore—too toxic IMO.

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    likewise ideals, interested

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    RIGHT HERE bro. I have a SaaS that's currently at $20K MRR but we're looking to improve the product. I'd definitely be down to partner as I already have an audience.

    Shoot me a message man!

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    Hi @tobscher I'm in the same boat. Tech experience with some level of design knowledge. What skillset are you looking for in your co-founder?

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      That's a great question that I should have covered in the original post.

      Here are some things I personally struggle with:

      Identifying what to build
      I believe that you need some domain context to make you somewhat credible to build something of value. I have good knowledge building something for developers because I am one myself and also in the FinTech space due to my employment history. Unless this is what we are building, I need your help!

      I have extensive experience building web applications including the required infrastructure whilst balancing costs. Caveat is, they don't look great. I can probably make something look decent, that is usable but I am by no means a UI/UX expert. We won't win any design awards if I do it. If you want our work to stand out from the rest, then I need your help!

      I am (by my own choice) not very active on social media or other platforms and therefore don't really have an audience which would be beneficial. I don't have great reach to market the great things we are about to build, I need your help!


      I am going to stop here, so you don't get the wrong impression by me listing all the things I am not good at :) But if you can help in some or all of these areas then you are a great match. Let me take care of the technical side of things!

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        Thanks @tobscher . I'm in a similar situation and looks like a lot of tech founders are in the same boat. I believe this a good problem to solve. Do you want to connect and discuss how we can solve this? May be a portal which matches co-founders based on skillset?

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          There are tons of such a portals out there, tinders-for-founders etc. Even YC has one.

          I've tried using some of them, and even found a cofounder for one of my past projects (it wasn't the best matching tho). But overall it seems like no one has found a magic way to do it really well yet. If you can do it, I'm ready to be the first beta tester. Right now I'm carefully and without haste looking for a technical cofounder, but I'm looking for a way other than matchmaking services.

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              Wow. Super fast delivery. Subd.

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