Technical co-founder to create an unconventional, future-proof, freelancing platform to facilitate the next-gen workforce.

I'm new here so, hi!

Some time ago, as a self taught developer myself, I decided to take on a freelance career. I created accounts on Fiverr and UpWork.

I noticed that platforms like these have fundamental issues. For example, Fiverr treats freelancers like commodities and clients on UpWork are bombarded with hundreds of 'project proposals' within seconds of submitting a project, which is overwhelming than useful.

This situation provides a great opportunity for two main reasons:

  1. Freelancing will increase a lot in the future.

A decent truth about this world is that not everyone is into creating a startup or 'indie-hacking' and nor does everyone possess the ability to do so. However, there is also a significant percentage of people who no longer want to work for a 'boss'. Freelancing sits right on this sweet spot. Here is additional info: https://www.upwork.com/press/releases/freelance-forward-economics-report

  1. Existing solutions suck.

As said earlier, it sucks. UpWork is merely a digitalisation of an ineffective, inefficient, decades old procedure. Gig platforms like Fiverr simply commodotize freelancers, not to mention the 20% revenue cut. There are tons of more issues and an alternative is clearly needed.

I couldn't help trying to think about an alternative approach to connecting freelancers with clients. This is still very unclear to me though, but I am looking for a partner to come up with ideas and potentially, dare I say, create a scalable startup around it.

Now why do I look for a technical co founder? Well, I would consider myself a novice-intermediate developer but coding, as much as I love it, is not my greatest strength. I tend to think of these from a business perspective.

This post is quite long, especially for a first one, but if you're interested, let's have a chat!

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    Interesting. I can help with UI design. email me

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    Really interesting, if you wanna chat about that, drop me an email.

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    Hi Jenul, totally agree, it's time for a change, look at our Idea on https://www.indiehackers.com/post/freelancer-how-important-is-a-perfect-profile-skills-and-portfolio-for-your-next-gig-2acd61056a (or Kernal)
    this is def not about creating the next matching platform... We also believe that existing solutions suck. There are enough matching platform and they all think they're great.

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    @JenulDs completely agree with you, that why build Hiretheverified.com . Hire the Pre-verified freelancers. Just browse the profile and call the freelancers. It is just that simple.

    About scalability of the idea- Once you setup the process, then it pretty simple to scale it. Important part is Process. Yes, human too involve in this process but that the beauty of the idea.

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    Hey Jenul - Totally agree. I went through the same thinking a few months ago and built ProvenTeam.com - Our focus is on Digital Marketing fow now. But its a reverse hiring model, where the Candidates (which are pre-vetted) have their calendars integrated in the platform and can be quickly booked for Meetings. We launched in Nov20 with around 20 Freelancers and have good traction with at least a handful of clients and recurring revenue. Would love to chat - Just followed you on Twitter !

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      The integrated calendar is a useful functional element. But still I do believe that the pre-vetted model already exists. Say toptal for example. The problem is that this model is not very scalable (to the best of my understanding) although it solves the problem of spam. But hey, you got paying clients, which means its working for them.

      Also some friendly advice: the UX design of your website can be improved significantly 😊

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        Toptal is similar, but not a true marketplace model. They operating somewhat like an Agency, so I feel like my implementation is a bit more scalable than Toptal. But I do think the Quality is a deal breaker when hiring. Agree about the UX. Needs some work.

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    Well put and I share your opinion about the platforms you mentioned.

    Side notes: LinkedIn was working on freelancer marketplace recently. Not sure if it's live. I also came across a platform based on slack, which, as you can imagine, produces even more noise and is not scalable at all.

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      Well, if LinkedIn made such a platform, I imagine it would be boring as hell! and not to mention, spammy. I think whats necessary now more than anything is a change of 'culture' because the prevalent corporate style, in programming terms, is terribly deprecated. Say slack versus microsoft teams, which would you pick?

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        Agreed. I don't expect anything fresh coming from MS (incl LI).

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    Interesting. Drop me an email, would like to learn more.

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