Technical Cofounder looking to partner up.

I'm a full-stack software engineer based out of the Houston, TX area.

I've worked as an engineer for numerous large and small (YC-backed and otherwise) tech companies. Most notably I was an engineer at Zapier and was one of a handful on the Developer Platform rebuilding it from the ground up.

I'm looking to build a SaaS product. The market and product is up for discussion, but I have a preference for building for makers/prosumers/SMBs. I have an interest in workflow automation (Zapier), APIs, developer tools, no-code tools, but am open to other ideas. Open to working on your idea, or brainstorming some together.

Prefer building a SaaS web app, not a mobile app as I don't have as much experience in mobile.

Open to teaming up with someone technical or non-technical, as long as you have a strong track record and can provide value in what you do.

I have a full-time gig that my family relies on, so I'd be looking to bootstrap this and grow it organically until we can afford to pay ourselves with it. Prefer working with others who are also based out of North America.

Feel free to respond here or reach me at [email protected].

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    Just sent an email. Let me know if you don't get it :)

    Brett Tuley

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    Just sent you an email. Cheers - [email protected]

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