Technical Founder in the Music Biz - Searching for Co-Founder

Hi everyone,

US Candidates only:

I am a developer, and I am on the hunt for someone with finance and/or business development experience to help me in my journey. I ultimately want to raise a little money to build out a product I am developing to help composers write music in the cloud. Think of Microsoft Word - but with music notes instead. I know I can raise money with the technology I am building, I just am hesitant to go at this alone. I don't have the time to juggle fundraising, hiring, training, marketing and development of this product all alone.

I know this can be a great business, but the product is very difficult to create, thus the barrier to entry is high. However, I broke this barrier! So let's get started!

This business will require a great development team to be cultivated which is something I can handle. I can get this product developed in 1 - 2 years with the right people. If what I am doing excites you in some way, don't hesitate to contact me! More information about my vision can be read here on this reddit post:


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