Technical Founder looking for a Marketer/Growth Hacker

I have a team building a no-code platform for local businesses to easily get orders from mobile apps.

Those are some of the features that we offer which you can enable

Mobile App(iOS and Android) for mobile orders
Order Ahead
QR Marketing
Language Support
Payment Integration (Stripe)
Checkout Customizations (Tip,Sales Tax, payment methods)
Social Sharing

I am looking forward to partner with Indie Hackers community. Please DM me if you are interested. email : [email protected]

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    Hey, we have the same idea. But I am an advocate, so I have close to no knowledge when it comes to tech, but would love to discuss this business opportunity with you.

  2. 1

    Hey! I may be able to help. Not sure I’m open to something full time, or continual but let’s chat, if you’re up for it. I just shared a post yesterday with one of the campaigns and the results I got.

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      Thanks @tessak22. I will contact you back.

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