Techstars-backed startup looking for a Technical Co-founder!

Who are we?
Abstract is a Techstars-backed company building the smartest search engine to discover products. Our vision is to create an intelligent search engine that cuts through the noise and product placements to match you with the perfect set of products. We want to help you find products you love based on your interests, tastes and style.

Today, we’re starting with gifts. Rather than typing “best yoga gifts for mum” into Google, tell us about your mum's interests and style then we’ll match 100s of gifts that are perfectly tailored to her. By leveraging data and AI, we plan to improve the intelligence of our search so every product is perfect for the person you’re buying for.

What are we looking for?
We've built V2 of our product and have >20k monthly visits - check it out here. We’re scraping >30k products from 100s of brands and expect this number to double by July. Our next technical challenges will be building our smart search approach, login/sign-up flows, user dashboards, checkout functionality, and incorporating computer vision to categorise our product supply.

We're looking for a technical co-founder who can lead product development, plan the product roadmap, and build a technical team. We want to find somebody who aligns with our vision and is passionate about solving product discovery on the Internet. You will need 3+ years experience developing web applications at a consumer, e-commerce, or marketplace company - ideally at Seed to Series B stage startup.

As the technical co-founder you will have full responsibility to build the end-to-end functionality of features. You will need front-end finesse and a depth of back-end expertise including API management, databases, and web crawling. Our back-end stack is Node.js, PostgrSQL, GraphQL, apollo, AWS (Elastic beanstalk/ RDS) and we use React and Next.js on the front-end stack.

If you’re passionate about the problem we’re solving and like the sound of our work environment, then we would love to hear from you. Drop me an email at [email protected]

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