Teenagers in Business -- What can they do?

Hello everyone! I am a high school student who is very interested in electronics, robotics, and airplanes. My question for you people is what can I do to start a business? I mean a small mediocre one, like an Instagram influencer page or whatnot. Some info about me:

I am attending high school currently, and I am taking math and science courses to get into university. I can code in Python, making games (no ai... yet) and apps with Tkinter. I am in the process of learning Arduino for robotics.

I have in fact opened some businesses using Instagram! I ran a fan account posting fanart I made in Canva and supported it by selling ads and logos! I had to close it down after making about $250 Canadian though because school was getting a LOT harder

My current plan is to find a mentor in e-commerce and open an online business selling RC airplane electronics (because I love planes lol) during my last year at university.

This is my first post, so sorry if it looks bad, I will improve over time!

My website:

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    Hi Ali,

    You're actually at an advantage as a teenager for a few reasons:

    • Free time. Even though it may not feel like it, obligations just pile on as you get older. Right now you can optimize for A LOT of time spent on your project, which is invaluable.

    • Finances. Presumably you don't have to worry about paying rent and other costs that come being being an adult. That adds a whole new layer of stress--take advantage of your situation while you can.

    • Naivete. I don't mean this diminutively at all. As people get older they tend to believe things can't be done, just because "that's the way they are". People also grow more risk adverse as responsibilities increase. Youthful optimism is one of the main reasons young people tend to produce so much innovation.

    Other than that, just start. I started my first company at 15. At 16 I was making 30k / month in revenue (this was 1999!) and 20 years later I have two other companies under my belt, never having gotten a "real job".

    Perhaps building a company now will ignite a similar passion in you. Maybe not. But I can enthusiastically recommend it as someone who was in your spot two decades ago.

    Good luck!

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      Thanks for these points, I never really looked at it from this perspective! Also, that's quite an accomplishment, generating 30k at 16, @MightWorks!

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      That's inspiring @MightWorks.

      The key to start a side hustle or business is to "Just do it"

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      This is such good perspective - I also got started in my teens.

      Getting practice doing sales and really understanding your customer are two skills that will last you a lifetime, no matter what kind of businesses you start.

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      Thanks! Will give it a thorough read!

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    Hi @ehtesham_ali,

    First I am impressed by your courage to go against the odds to start a business during high school. I am really interested in your business and would like to know more.
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    I would be more happy to get connected. Post your feedback or opinion here. I would be looking forward for it.


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      That's quite the business you've got there, @vivek0079! I like the landing page, it gives the potential customer information, and I really like the blue accents on the page; it gives off an honest kinda vibe, I like it!

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        That's nice to hear @ehtesham_ali.

        Will you be interested in setting up your business online with BubbleBiz? I will be more interested to help you take your business online.

        Join our club to empower your business

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          Unfortunately, I do not have any business plans to execute at this moment, as I am focused on my studies, but maybe during Winter Break, I will contact you if I have an online business to run! :D

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            Thats nice @ehtesham_ali. I would be very glad to help you start your business. BTW I would also be happy to know more about your business plans. Because I too have a lot of interest in RC airplane and have one too.
            I would also like to add one to my collection if you could ship them to India when you start your business.


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