April 25, 2019

Tell IH: Talk to you customers!

Robin Vander Heyden @Vinrob

Hey guys,

I made an objective this year of at least spending 30 min per day talking to our customers.

Here are a couple of things I do every single day:

  1. Ask the new customers why they joined us, what they were considering before, what their pain point is, what they are thinking of requesting, how they heard about us, etc etc. I really try to be as precise as possible (often ask them an additional why after their reply)
  2. Ask the customers that churned why that was so, what was their biggest frustration / thing they loved the most about us.

I record everything into one big excel spreadsheet and try to draw conclusions from it.

Here a few advantages:

  1. It will help identify how they use your product (often they'll use it in unintended ways)
  2. It will give you a good idea of who your ideal customer demographics are so you can go find more of them
  3. It will help with your marketing strategy and especially how to communicate to new customers --> I use their language "against" them: If 5 customers tell me : "I use your service to save time", then I will make a Facebook ad with "Save time and use us"


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    I want to do more of this as well. Curious, do you ask for a call with them? Or are you having these conversations over email? Thanks.

  2. 2

    Do you automate your onboarding feedback requests? Just curious if you are asking everyone or select customers.