Tell me about your product, and I’ll tell you how I’d grow it.

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    Hey @Gonelf, nice one! I'm curious:

    I'm building Dawn, a project management tool that lets you plan work by keeping the well-being of your team (and yours) in mind. I want to help prevent burnouts by making sure work is planned mindfully, resulting in less turnover and better results across the board (both for the individuals and for the team).

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      Looks nice.

      First things first, you're still in beta so, you're in a phase before growth.
      My advice to you:

      Focus on early adopter's feedback until you get the first 100 users or so.

      Also, check my tweet about growing too soon

      I hope it helps.

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        Thanks @Gonelf, going to read your tweet about this all!

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    mixpeek.com File Search API for your Software

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      Hi Ethan,

      It looks really good but you’re still in early access.
      That’s a pre-growth phase known as introduction

      So, focus on those 1st users, get them to try and integrate the api and get the first logos.
      Ask them for recommendations for new clients and grow those first 100 clients one by one.

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    Hello, @Gonelf!

    Thanks for opening up this topic!

    The current project I'm developing is BotMeNot a bot protection scoring service. It will run several tests on your website to check your anti-bot protection and tell you how protected your website is from bots.

    There are currently 4 types of tests - Free Bot test, Light Bot test, Smart Bot test, and Custom Bot test. The first three differ by the complexity of the tests (increasing from Free to Smart) and the fourth one is tailor-made for the purposes of an individual client.

    What you get from all four though is your protection score, evidence of the testing done (a list of requests and outcomes, screenshots, and data gathered), and I'm thinking about putting some advice in there perhaps.

    Let me know what you think!

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      Well, you're also not in the growth stage, you're in a phase before growth.

      My advice to you:
      Focus on early adopter's feedback until you get the first 100 users or so.

      Also, check my tweet about growing too soon

      I hope it helps.

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    I'm building Landing Page Services as a SaaS. There's a lot of competition but they are all very expensive and have grown to offer far more features than I think the average user needs. Our cheapest competitor charges $37 per month with a discount to $324 per year if you pay for year in advance ($27/month).
    We believe there is a large market for people that want simple landing pages which collect emails and send people welcome-emails.  Our pages are optimized for SEO and speed and we've made building a nice, distinctive looking page easy. Collecting the visitor analytics and providing reports is our specialty.
    We're built for startups and anyone on a budget - we have a Freemium option, a $36/year plan, and a $54/year plan.

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      Do you have a landing page for that?

      Also, talk to your potential user before building too much.

      Think about how you can differentiate from the competition.
      Don't just believe that people need your solution, get the users and talk to them.

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    My team is building ContactLink.com, which gives you a URL as your all-in-one contact information: Voice & Video calling, Video messages, Text & Instant messaging, secure email, booking an appointment.

    Current strategy is to emphasize how it's like a calendar link (something people understand) but with the ability to talk now or leave a video message.

    Tell me how to grow!

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      Hi Jesse,

      My first impression is, it looks complicated.
      It's like calendly but overcomplicated :D
      (it's just my opinion)

      How many users do you have right now?
      Ask them what they like and dislike, what they use more, what they miss and see if there are any patterns.

      I think you should confirm product-market fit first before growing, like I've said before it's not a good idea to grow too soon.

      Here's a tweet I've written about that https://twitter.com/gonelf/status/1440694601367523328

      Hope it helps.

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    Hi Gonçalo,

    I'm building Beanvest, a stock portfolio performance tracker.


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      Hey Romain,

      I don't know much about stocks but here's what I'd do:

      1. Make it possible for users to share their portfolio, that's how Robinhood grew.
      2. Show me success stories
      3. Show me how easy it is to set it up, stocks are complicated

      Also, talk with your users and understand what they like and how you could leverage that.

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    Hey @Gonelf

    We build a tool for creating mobile mockups 10x faster than in Figma for people without a design background.


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      Hi Serjobas,

      Your tool looks nice.

      I would look at the usage metrics and try to find a drop in the funnel to improve.
      Build a simple funnel from the homepage to the upgrade and improve the drops.

      Your homepage looks good, you could have your share link on by default and the preview in the mobile view but those are minor improvements.

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    Hey Goncalo,

    I'm working on CoffeePals, a MS Teams app that connects workplaces for coffee chats. Would love to know your thoughts on how to grow our user base!

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      Hi Chris,

      I don't know much about MS Teams apps so this is a challenge for me.

      You just stated the tool so you are in a pre-growth stage, get in touch with your current users and understand how they use the tool, what they like, and what they don't.
      Get the patterns and improve the tool with their feedback.

      Don't try to grow too soon here's a tweet I've written about that.

      I hope it helps

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    https://chromeextensionideas.substack.com/ - A newsletter where we share demand-based chrome extension ideas.

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      Share success stories, people who used your ideas and have a success story.

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    Alright, I'll bite 😃

    We are building a bookkeeping & tax filing "on autopilot"
    Link your debit & credit cards - and we'll classify all expenses, maximize tax deductions, and prep annual tax returns.

    Check it out (paperstack.ca) - would love to know how you'd grow it 😎

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      Hi Vladim,

      It looks nice.

      So, you're still early access so not much for me to try.
      I'd say focus on you're early user's feedback and proof product-market fit, ask for recommendations from your early users and grow from there.

      I've written a tweet about that, I hope it helps

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    https://cinematicstudio.app - Video Editing for social media (desktop app).

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      Hi John,

      Tell your users how your tool makes their life easier compared with free options like iMovie.

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        Thanks! I'll look into it!

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      Would you be interested in adding some animations from https://cliply.co to your editing app?

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        @Zdanovi Your animations look slick!

        1. I'm pretty sure I can't afford them - clearly I'm not gonna pay the price on the website, since if I were to integrate them, I'd be offering them to anyone using the app.
        2. At this time, I don't support gifs -- I can add this, no worries. Question: do you have other formats (svg, png)?
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          Maybe offer them to users as a premium feature and we split the $ 🤔
          Most of them aren’t vector based so svg is impossible. Animated PNG shouldn’t be a problem.
          DM on Twitter so we can discuss it.

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            Hi , added you on twitter. I think you need to add me back before we can talk there.

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