Tell me about your product, and I'll tell you how I'd market it.

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    Hi @AntCas

    We would love to get your ideas for our project!

    Spark up a personal connection with visitors through video introduction. Display a video message with a personalized call-to-action across your website and convert visitors into meaningful customers.

    For every video you upload we generate a widget that you can embed on any webpage with one click. It’s easy, efficient and you can use it for free!


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      If I were you, I'd find a niche that relies heavily on cold traffic (e.g. fb ads)—and market this tool as something can help improve cvr rates on cold-traffic landing pages.

      We found that adding a personalized video really helped conversions with one of our landing pages (selling digital courses). It helps when you have cold traffic and they don't know who you are. It helps because they get to know you, trust you.

      I would give it to 50 of the top creatives, coaches, and consultants for free and offer to help them install it.

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        This comment was deleted 2 months ago.

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      Hey Andrey! Have seen a couple products that do live-video chat in a similar format (e.g. https://www.servicebell.com/), yours is a bit different by being focused on recorded video (less effort to commit to).

      Still, check out the incumbents like intercom and see how they grew in the early days.

      If I were you I'd try out some cold email campaigns. Send people personal Looms talking about why you think what they do is cool and the power of video.

      Hit up @satvikpendem who's done some of this kind of outreach before.

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    https://streambee.io/buzz/ --> 1-1 DMs for streamers with their fans, imagine as a non-explicit content platform (opposite of OnlyFans), with direct Twitch integration. It's a new type of product and is not a typical SaaS product that relies heavily on review portals or PPC.

    Would love to hear your thoughts.

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      Product for influencers -> influencer marketing

      Get your product in the hands of as many influencers as you can, make it free if you have to. You need influencers to love your product and drive their fans to use the platform.

      Influencers copy the influencers they follow, if their inspiration is using Streambee they will too.

      Don't forget to gather testimonials and case studies along the way.

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    This is cool! I'd love to get your thoughts on https://mycheckins.io

    MyCheckins lets you run team check-ins on Slack or Microsoft Teams.

    You can use it to run async meetings like stand-ups/retros, get team feedback, or prepare before IRL meetings.

    Social media has worked for us - mostly Reddit for the beta. We're looking to explore Twitter and LinkedIn next. How would you market a product like this?

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      Mostly the same advice as what I told Faraz here

      I'd also talk to @janet and see what's been working for her to grow Athena so far.

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        Solid advice. I think I need to spend more time engaging with active customers and explore referrals. Thanks a lot!

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    Man, that tweet really exploded. I will do my best to answer every single reply with at least one marketing idea. Twitter shows me replies from my followers first, so make sure you're following me if you want me to get to you sooner.

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      Yes it did! I just replied to you on twitter😛

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    Hi @AntCas,

    We could actually use a lot of help with this so would really appreciate a reply!

    DONNA is a white label SMS based chatbot designed to qualify and follow up on your customers leads whilst answering property enquiries immediately and at scale.

    Offer DONNA to your users to expand your existing lead generation offerings to increase your value, revenue and customer satisfaction.

    Your users can say goodbye to missed opportunities, repetitive conversations, and low lead quality. DONNA is the faster, more streamlined way to pre-screen a lead in real-time.


    Let me know if you'd like more info!

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      1. Figure out how to pitch your service in less words, using your customers language.

      2. Your landing page could use some work, check out the #roast-my-landing-page channel in the Indie Worldwide Slack. You can join by putting your email in at https://indieworldwide.co/

      3. I assume you're dog-fooding (using) your own product right? right?? If it works then you can prove that by using it yourself and becoming your own case study. Make sure that your top-of-funnel is full by scraping leads form the internet or engaging lead-generations services.

      4. If your chatbot really sounds natural, could you let it looks on social media to automatically grow some accounts there over time? Could you use it to write blog posts? Think about how to automate content for long-term growth.

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    Hi @AntCas
    could you help me with my product how to market it?
    It's Difree (https://getdifree.com) - distraction free rich text editor working on browser as extension.
    Thanks a lot!

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    I'm making a platform for founders to share their fuckups and learn from each other. What are your thoughts? :) https://razum.app/

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      Syndicate your content (the fuckups) across as many mediums as possible:

      Blog Posts

      Basically the Gary Vee content strategy.

      Create pipelines to make this scalable. Hire people off of Upwork and use automated tools wherever possible.

      You need to be a content machine because this is a content business!

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        Thanks for the hints! I was thinking about YouTube as well. Should blog posts be on the website or external platform?
        Tik Tok..?
        What people should I hire off Upwork?

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          Blogs should be on your own website.

          TikTok https://www.tiktok.com/

          Whenever a task is taking up a lot of your time, try and hire someone off of Upwork to take it over. "video editing" "data entry" "design"... pretty much any discrete task could be outsources. The smaller and better defined the task is, the easier it will be to hire for.

      2. 1

        Start by focusing on a single long-form channel (like blog post or YouTube), make sure you're making great content for that channel. That will give you a good starting point and lots of potential posts for the short-form channels.

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    Hi @AntCas
    Check our product https://loopcv.pro and give us some ideas ;)

    We help job seekers automate their job search and book more interviews with companies.

    Thank you

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      That's cool :D

      There's a ton of job boards out there, can you partner with them? You could power a one-click apply button on their website which would make their job board better and give you new users.

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    Hey @AntCas

    We build a tool for creating mobile mockups 10x faster than in Figma for people without a design background.

    Founders really love us, but we really don't how to approach them, maybe you'll have some ideas, thanks!


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      I liked your tool! Shared it with my designer friend :)

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      1. Is there a Figma marketplace? Can you get yourself featured on it?

      2. Otherwise similar to the advice I gave to Faraz here

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    Hi Anthony,

    would love to hear your ideas about https://folge.me . It is a desktop app, that helps creating step-by-step guides, tutorials and documentation ( in pdf, html, ppt, word files) which makes promoting it a bit harder than a regular saas.

    Thank you in advance!

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      Look into the story of how Loom grew.

      • Started as a Chrome extension (free distribution on the app store)
      • Users using the app got a url for easy sharing to their loom videos
      • Made sure the whole experience from recording to sharing was FAST
      • From there built the desktop app, output was still a url
      • Partnered and integrated with EVERYBODY, you can embed a loom almost anywhere

      You're in a similar space with a similar product, copy what's worked!

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        Thank you Anthony!

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    Hello, @AntCas!

    Here's my latest project - BotMeNot.

    It's a bot protection scoring service that will let its users know how well protected their website is against various bot activities. It does this by running multiple tests on their website and provides the clients with a score and evidence of the testing done. The evidence comes in the form of screenshots, a list of requests and outcomes, and data gathered.

    I would be very glad to hear your thoughts!


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      Have the output of your tool me a cool graphic.

      Scan people's websites for them and then tweet at them or DM them on Twitter (or cold email a report, but in that case keep it text only I think).

      You could do a "Share your website and I'll scan it for vulnerabilities" thread on Twitter as well, I've seen threads like that do pretty well ;)

      Scan a ton of websites and then write up a report on the internet as a whole with cool graphics. Share on places like /r/dataisbeautiful or security forums, Hacker News, etc.

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        Thanks for the advice!

        For the first thing that's something I'm already working on!

        And as for the other two, those sound like great advice!


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    A tiny tiny wordpress plugin that puts a sitemap in your admin bar so you can hover & see all the pages and posts in your site. Extremely small - but managed to monetise it for ~$10/yr
    Gets about 2-3K a year passively - without any marketing and with consistently positive reviews.

    I'm sure if I put a little bit of effort into getting the word out there it might get even more traction but no idea how.

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      piggy-backing off of @AntCas's idea of partnering, you could also consider sites like AppSumo that offer lifetime deals.

      Are you currently listed in a product directory, other than the wordpress plugin directory?

    2. 1

      Do you have a landing page (or link to your plugin store page)?

      Maybe there are other plugins you can partner with, cross promote, or integrate for a % of sales.

      Join groups of WP devs on Facebook or wherever they gather, make friends and talk about your product.

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    A tweet designer to share prettier tweets across the web.

    Post the link of the tweet
    Change the looks
    Share/download as an image

    Thanks for any input! @AntCas

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      Do you have a niche in mind of who would get benefits out of this?

      One idea would be news publishers. Instead of linking to the tweet, they could use your service to get a live, embeddded tweet but prettier. Not entirely sure how much that would help them make more money, but that's just my first thought.

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    A writing platform for the arab world, everyone can write. A bit like medium.com

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      There are likely a lot of facebook groups dedicated for Arab writing. I would poke around there and see if anyone wants an invite.

      1. 1

        Yes I think that's a great place to look.
        Thank you!

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      Copy what worked for Medium, make it super easy and free to write on your product. Easier than making your own blog. Make sure you have great SEO.

      Incentivize writers with leaderboards. Highlight top writers on your platform. Find great stories and help promote them to a larger audience.

      Writers struggle to find distribution and reach. If they believe they can get that for free on your platform, they will flock to you.

      That's how Medium grew too.

      1. 1

        That's a great piece of advice.
        Do you feel writers might be intrested in publishing on the website without being incentivised, especially well established writers?

        1. 1

          The incentive is distribution. Get them more eyeballs than they could get themselves, help them expand to new eyeballs they weren't already reaching.

    1. 1
      1. Build a community for community managers. Host it on your platform.

      2. Write content for beginners. Answer questions like:

      "How do I build a community"

      "How do I start a community"

      "Best community platform"

      1. Start a podcast. It's a an easy excuse to talk to any community manager you want to talk to, and now they know about your product. Also you'll be creating content which can be shared everywhere.
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    Hey Anthony, thanks for your offer. I am game.

    I run www.curatedfunding.com an online database that provides creatives and social entrepreneurs with access to hard to find funding opportunities. We have curated 500+ Opportunities totalling over £20M with 75 new opportunities added weekly saving you 300+ hours of research.

    Would love to hear your ideas

    1. 1

      Maybe because I'm coming from tech world, I associate "funding" with venture capital. I'd change the copy to say "Grants" instead which is a bit more clear imo.

      1. Create a Next.js or Webflow version of your database that reveals part of the information for free so that Google can search index it. Every row in your database should have a landing page. Most of the information will not be readable which gives users a reason to sign up.

      2. Write content for folks who are searching for grants. "How to find grant money for X" where X is every type of grant you have.

      3. Cold email charity organizers.

      4. Join communities of the type of people who apply for grants. I'm not sure what types of grants you have but I assume there are online groups for artists, community organizers, NGO's etc.

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    Hello Anthony, I've launched the https://ibanapi.com recently, I've done the SEO part and a few other bits and pieces, I'm getting organic visits and customers and I am already number one for keywords like "free IBAN API" and second or maybe third for "IBAN API".

    but the growth is a bit slow, so how I would market it further?

    1. 2

      Who is your user? Who regularly needs an IBAN api who doesn't have a way of doing this already?

      I think of new startups in the fintech space, so perhaps research VC funds who focus on fintech and reach out to them to see if their portfolio companies have this problem.

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    Hey Anthony, thanks for your offer. I am curious.
    We are a niche company, making database related tools. Our flagship product copies databases from one type to another.
    Marketing that has always been close to impossible.
    If you would like to take a look at it - www.spectralcore.com/fullconvert.

    1. 1

      I would write articles optimized for SEO (may even be able to do this programmatically).

      "How to migrate database from Postgres to MySQL"

      "How to migrate data from Mongo to Oracle"

      etc etc

      Every possible combination of data sources is another potential how-to article.

      Couple interviews that get into this more:

      1. @Daolf from Scraping Bee

      Wrote articles for beginners searching for how to scrape data with X language.


      1. @1hakr from Visa List

      Created a huge number of landing pages by recombining data points programmatically into content.


      1. 2

        Good point. It's exactly what I did. 😃

        Thank you!

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    Thanks for doing this!


    An opinionated communications tool that maximizes productivity by enforce best communication practices.

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    Hey I’d love to hear how you’d market my product!

    I’ve created an online portfolio for college athletes to share their story, social media analytics, and audience location. Basically, it’s a one-stop shop to get to know a college athlete you’re interested in sponsoring or you’re a fan of.

    Check out the site at https://findmynil.com

    1. 1

      Seek brand deals with college athletes!

      In the USA college athletes are allowed to make money off of their image now which is a huge deal.

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    Hi @AntCas

    Nice initiative, hopes that is still relevant

    Website : www.toola.it

    It is a B2C free service to change the way people are shopping online, going to 1 place and stopping the long inefficient customer journey

    Still in Alpha, no funding but my own.

    I would appreciate your thoughts how to bring the B2C users

    Later there will be option to buy ads (Google Adwords Style and affiliate links) but not concentrating on revenue now, but concentrating on bringing value to consumers to use Toola

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    Hey, I am just finishing market research for a salon booking MVP. With a small monthly subscription, salon owners will have their own modern webpage to showcase their services and accept bookings, as well as a platform to manage everything related to their business. There are also going to be SMS reminders and some other more sophisticated features.

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    Hey Anthony 👋

    What are your thoughts about my weird business niche generator?



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    Would love to hear your take on this.. Here is the write up...

    ADA Compliance can increase your sales by 30%

    Tenably Labs introduces its newest feature for Shopify store owners that resolves compliance issues with Web Accessibility standards and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

    Tenably Labs makes it easier than ever to keep up with all your accessibility standards by doing the hard work for you. We find, fix, and enable your stores to be compliant with accessibility standards so that you can focus on running your business.

    The Benefits of having Tenably

    -Tenably will review your site for common accessibility issues that lead to demand letters and resolve them.

    -You’ll no longer need to hire someone to manually fix these common issues.

    -Your time is used to run your business, not resolve common accessibility matters.

    Shopify store owners are receiving demand letters everyday, and some Web Accessibility lawsuits. While losing potential sales to people with disabilities due to common web accessibility barriers, resulting in up to 30% in lost sales. It's estimated that 265,000 website accessibility related demand letters were sent in 2020 alone.

    The easiest and quickest way to gain compliance is using a service like ours.

    Our solution identifies common barriers (Web Accessibility violations) for shop owners. Such as low contrast, specific markup errors, and missing alt tags. We then resolve them for you by updating your Shopify stores theme.

    This eliminates the need to hire or retain resources to manually resolve these issues. No human intervention needed!

    We keep your Shopify store accessible, and maintain the store's accessibility over time with automated repair reports, scores and fixes. This tool means you can spend less time making your stores accessible, and more time running your business.

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    if you're still doing this:

    Mixpeek.com File Search for your Software

    Mixpeek is an API that enhances your app with a search engine that spans all your image, audio, video and PDF files regardless of location.

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    Hey Anthony -- currently doing SEM to get signups but looking to speed things up.

    InMoat is an email productivity tool that helps users regain control of their inboxes to focus on emails that matter.

    Any feedback would be great!

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    Hello Anthony, how would you market www.sabro.net ? Thanks in advance Anthony!

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    Hi @AntCas!

    We have a product which lets people post ideas for products or causes, and pledge money. You can also promote the idea/cause to convince more people to chip in. And others can propose solutions. So like crowdfunding but you propose the idea and supply some funding too.

    Thanks a lot! Hope you’re having a great week!

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    We are building a Search as a Service à la Algolia, where the value proposition is ultra low response times, high relevance that may improve our customers' conversion rates and zero-config integration! Would love to hear about your approach on our product!

    We plan to launch late into the 4th quarter of 2021. Currently having a demo running at https://fast-npm-search.xyz/

  29. 1

    We have SMB monthly accounting as a service. ( we do not tell the customer we use AI/ML). Our software customer interfaces are limited to just passing the business data to us. We offer a one months trial, monthly and annual plans. Both are priced at about a 90% discount to hiring a human to do the work (which is the current business habit). We noticed the customer segmentation is critical, as many SMB are decades behind in back office modernization.

    1. 1

      Make it just a 80% discount to give yourself a bigger budget, and then try out paid ads or cold outreach https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QvhLAjJqwos

      1. 1

        Thanks, but we have two competitors, VC funded over 100 million, setting retail pricing. The price is correct.

    1. 1

      Don't have a ton of advice for apps, they're hard.

      Same advice I gave here:

      And I'd try to get myself linked to from any blogs that talk about eyestrain:

      • Search for keywords you care about
      • See who wrote the top ranking articles
      • Send them a nice, personal email, to tell them what you built and why it's relevant to them and the articles they write.
      • Try and guest blog for them (write them a free article they can use in exchange for a backlink).
      1. 1

        Thanks for your advice, I really appreciate it. Will follow and update on progress.

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    Holy *&@! Anthony, how did I miss this post of yours?!

    Would love to hear your ideas on how to market Linkush.com.

    Also, when is there another 100in100 challenge/mastermind groups?

    1. 2

      I keep saying soon... but soon! Working on automating tasks at Indie Worldwide this month so that I can be more consistent.

      You should check out what Saul has done with https://ritekit.com/, very similar product and they're doing pretty darn well from what I've seen. You can probably copy what's worked for them.

      I'd give paid ads and cold email a shot, but first you'll need to raise your prices.

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    Hi @AntCas
    I have a product that help local farmers count catfish (fryers & fingerlings), generate invoice and accept payment. It comprises both mobile app and web platform (dashboard). Will gladly appreciate your input.

    1. 1

      Build hardware that farmers will add to their farm. This will let you charge much more and lock the farmers in to your platform. At the higher price point you can now do direct sales.

  32. 1

    https://chromeextensionideas.substack.com/ - A newsletter where we share demand-based chrome extension ideas.

    1. 2

      Interview the makers of chrome extensions who you admire, include their insights in the newsletter and ask them to share it with their own audiences.

      1. 1

        Thanks for the idea. Looks like I'm doing something right https://chromeextensionideas.substack.com/p/cei-premium-chrome-extension-ideas-019

        Can't share a screenshot, Read the Note part on the top.

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    Hi Anthony, we help non-US founders to setup their US companies and run it like a local. Would love to hear what you think about how you would market it. Thanks!
    the site is https://startfleet.io

    1. 2

      Why Baltimore?

      Write content about the process. What do non-USA founders search for when trying to set up their businesses in the USA? Answer their questions in an article, then show how they can skip all of that work with your service.

      Run meetups for non-USA founders trying to break into the market.

      1. 1

        Thanks! We will take your advice to heart!

        Are you in Baltimore when you visit our website? That section is suppose to be dynamic, dependent on your location

        1. 1

          Ahh, that makes sense then. I'm in Washington DC this week. I think you should make it clearer that I can pick what city to do business from.

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    Hey Anthony,

    Would love to pick your brain for Draftss.com - Productized graphic design & code on subscription.

  35. 1

    Hosting for flutter apps - flutterhost.io
    Easy sharing of flutter apps with clients or showcasing it on your website

  36. 1

    Hey @AntCas, that's wonderful of you doing this—big props!

    Would love your perspective on here: I'm building Dawn, a project management tool that lets you plan work by keeping the well-being of your team (and yours) in mind. Plan is to help prevent burnouts by making sure work is planned more mindfully, resulting in less turnover and better results across the board (both for the individuals and for the team). The goal is to have both a tool and a helpful content library that helps in and outside what the tool will propose.

    Looking forward to read you!

  37. 1


    We would love to get your ideas for our project!

    Building a simple but powerful writing platform that lets you publish your work and earn money by building communities.


  38. 1

    Super interesting thread.

    https://benco.life is an app to store your family health history. Vaccines, doctor visits, treatments, progress on conditions, x-rays and so on.

  39. 1

    An interest-based social network that lets you explore your interests, connect with like-minded people, read articles and find resources all based on your interests, in the simplest and most effective way - https://www.wyloapp.com

    1. 1

      Hey you can use Facebook and Google ads to get more downloads or you can use small insta pages to promote your app😇

  40. 1

    My friend have mobile app builder but still not get sales what is your advices

  41. 1

    An investment portfolio tracker: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.blueship.mobile

    Please, give me some insights because finding the right channel for growth is being hard. I've been trying to reach influencers...

  42. 1

    Hi @AntCas,

    How would you market an analysis & forecasting software tool for philanthropic organizations to evaluate their impact and optimize their strategy and resources?


    I appreciate you sharing your expertise!

  43. 1

    Create your professional author website in under 30 minutes. Inexpensive website builder / ecommerce platform for authors to make professional-looking websites where readers can come to purchase books, find events, and more.


  44. 1

    Hey @AntCas,

    Would love your feedback on our first marketplace project. https://earlybird.vip is a marketplace for courses and membership sites. Users can list their course and offer a discount for early adopters. Were trying to help creators get their first customers through discounts and FOMO.


    1. 1

      Whoa this is a great idea!

      It reminds me of AppSumo. There have been several AppSumo competitors popping up lately, and a lot of them have written about their methods. For example, I've someone with a SaaS app who partnered with SaaSMantra and had a lot of success with them. When SaaSMantra was early, they hustled and reached out to a lot of SaaS founders, gave them great terms, and offered to do all the work of setting them up.

  45. 1

    Hello, a few months ago I started a newsletter about emerging creator trends: https://creatoreye.substack.com/

    We are still figuring out how to best deliver value, we tried analyzing a big trend and now we are curating weekly, smaller trends.

    We have some marketing ideas, but I would love to hear how would you approach this!

    1. 1

      The creator economy is growing rapidly, so I'd think you could get a lot of traction just by sharing invites in facebook groups or on twitter.

      You could also just do really broad facebook ads, targeting anyone interested in broad topics like Patreon, Substack, etc. Broad ads are cheap, and if someone clicks your ad, suggesting some interest, you can retarget them with more relevant ads.

  46. 1

    Hi @AntCas

    I run a niche job board called 3DJobs.io -- It's built for finding and posting jobs in the 3D industry -- Mainly 3D modeling and 3D animation jobs. Would love to know how you would market it?

  47. 1

    https://sitefast.live/ turns Google Sheets into a website.

  48. 1

    Hi @AntCas

    Thanks for sharing this thread to help. We'd love to hear your thoughts!

    HackerPen is an easy-to-use, affordable tech interview platform. It's easy to use for remote coding interviews and system design interviews.
    I created HackerPen to solve a major pain I encountered at a startup - there're few simple tools for tech interviews, and the tools I encountered come with a very high price.


    We also launched it on Product Hunt and Hacker News:
    Product Hunt: https://www.producthunt.com/posts/hackerpen
    Hacker News: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=28527996

    1. 1

      I knew this looked familiar! I think I just came across your google ads last week.

      Do you have a particular niche? If not, I imagine there's imagine that there's a lot of competition between your service and Grammarly (at least copywriters on Grammarly). You could probably target a lot of their keywords steal some of their paid ad traffic. Look into services like SpyFu and SemRush for competitor analysis.

      And this is somewhat related: I recently heard a Youtube ad for a similar service of yours that I liked. They were just reading the content from the AI and then explained at the end of the video that it was AI-generated. I thought it was an ok ad.

      1. 1

        Haha, I guess as we are only doing Google Ads at the moment.

        Our tools have nothing to do with Grammarly as you can actually generate content (or rewrite or check the grammar). We are doing good but I was just curious about what OP would come up with :)

  49. 1

    Hey 👋,

    Would love some ideas for Weka Checker. It's a tool for candidate reference checking.

    Right now recruiters call the candidates, get the referee details, spending time trying to get hold of the referees, write notes and then compare to the references. With Weka Checker you send an email to the candidate, they enter the referee details, emails are automatically sent to referees, they fill out the reference and then the recruiter is notified once it's completed.


    1. 1

      Have you tried cold email? Paid ads?

      Your product is has a clear target user which means you should be able to do both of the above profitably. Ideal place to be!

      1. 2

        Cheers, na haven't tried that but was thinking of trying that next. Especially LinkedIn ads since recruiters hang out their

        1. 1

          This interview will get you started with cold email https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=syd1_Vi5zYk

          1. 1

            Thanks Il give that a watch

  50. 1

    In B2B Sales, two things are true: 1) there is a tremendous amount of content (pptx, whitepapers, demo videos, etc) shared with prospects and 2) stages and outcomes are extremely well tracked (or should be) in CRMs. I believe there is an opportunity to build on top of this data to provide insight into where/when/how marketing and sales assets are shared and presented through a sales cycle. This information can be leveraged to make better tactical decisions in each stage of an opportunity, to identify less than compelling assets and ensure that sales reps are armed with the best possible tools for closing deals.

    In progress landing page: https://newbiz-7b4e29.webflow.io/

    1. 2

      Build a group of beta users, take their feedback seriously, and build a great product.

      Expand the beta group into a community for sales and marketing folks, make them better at their jobs.

      Write case studies and gather testimonials.

      Raise your prices (whatever they are up to this point) and start going harder on outbound sales.

  51. 1

    Would love any thoughts on:

    Roll Your Tweet:


    A way to take a thread or tweet and turn it into a blog post.

    1. 1

      I've seen a few variations of Twitter bots that do this. Someone tags @rollyourtweet and the bot automatically turns the thread into a blogpost. How are you differentiating vs the existing options?

      1. I'd make my own bot

      2. I'd make sure the design of my blog is much nicer than the other ones out there

      3. Collect great threads, roll them onto your own site with attribution, create feeds for people looking for great content in specific categories, become a destination yourself.

      1. 2

        Mine only allows the user who owns the thread to turn it into a blog post:

        Built in markdown editor to flesh out the thread, into high quality post.

        Hashnode, Dev.to, Medium integration
        Markdown download options (for roll your own developers)

        Ability to thread a blog post for the reverse from the above integrations ( coming soon)

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