Tell me what your goal is for the month, I'll help you focus on the right thing

Hey 👋 – 90% of startups fail, and a big part of it is that we get tunnel vision and obsess on the wrong things.

I'm a big focus advocate. So much so that I built https://tability.io with my co-founder and I'm following up on a previous post on goal-setting to see if I can do something more practical. Rather than writing more theoretical stuff I'd love to give some real feedback on real projects.

Write down:

  • The stage of your project
  • Your #1 goal for the month

I'll respond with some quick tips on how to reframe it (if needed 😅), and happy to keep you accountable too!

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    Goal is to double up the revenue. Recently I've picked a goal to reach $1k before the end of the year. Quickly released two "info products", better put datasets. So far I've made around $300... meaning $700 to go.


    I've released some free products related to datasets to showcase how it could be useful or possible to turn it into profit. Created a landing page got feedbacks, improved it. A twitter account to accompany. Yet I see no traction. Tried to share it on HN, reddit, no luck there too.

    So far I think I did a good job to focus on this but today I take the day of to work on another project after working long enough for that landing page and twitter designs etc. Marketing is not my thing unfortunately and without marketing it doesn't become a thing.

    I've thought about collecting all under a brand, it wasn't feasible within this time frame. Same as building a brand for myself as a "data-guy". I'm not sure what's the next step so as I said took the day of until I come up with what to do next.

    Having this goal helped me to stay on this project longer than I'd usually do. Maybe that was a wrong decision and I should completely drop it and chased another project already.

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      Goal is pretty clear! I'm curious to know if you have some kind of funnel laid out for your growth. I find it useful to break things down into smaller steps where you might have more control.

      I understand that you've tried many things already, but just wondering if you have some kind of formula in mind. Sometimes it's just about consistency and volume...

      2 things that have helped me (I also struggle with Marketing!):

      • https://www.reforge.com/blog/growth-loops
      • Talking to folks who have been there: one founder from a well established company in Australia told me that to get their first 100 customers they just sent thousands of LinkedIn requests. Not glamorous, but that's often the kind of work that you have to put in in the early days.
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        No formulas, blindly hitting walls to find my way out.

        I consider myself as an observer so instead of talking to others I've observed many. A similar product to mine which has less information, took off with a retweet from a 90k account and helped them establish a nice base followers for the next projects. I saw many people trying hard to get 10s of views on HN like sites. Writing posts, cold outreaches. We seem like moved to another era that all we need is influencer marketing. That's going to be my next experiment. Also thanks for the link.

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          I hear you! There's definitely a bit of luck element where getting picked up by the right account can help. But there's still a way to increase your luck surface areas by multiplying the opportunities to get picked up (ie: writing often, etc...).

          @noahwbragg is a good example of posting great content consistently. Then at some point it just takes off because it goes from looking like a spiked effort to being a journey.

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            Hey, Thanks for the mention Sten! Any I completely agree with you.

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            He's tweeting, streaming, building AIO. I'm gonna give him a follow too. Obviously looking way better than my feed. Lots of stuff to try, thanks for the examples and the advices.

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