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    Writing about self-tracking and visualizing personal data @ dailyvis.com

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      Your website and the 2 blogs I read are really good. Well done!

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        Hey thanks! Need to hunker down and write some more these days.

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    I share my journey as I'm building a tiny empire of profitable micro-startups 👉 https://www.unmake.io/

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      Dude this is crazy 🔥🚀

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      What a great idea - exceution looks first rate too. Well done, Antoine!

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    My product blog at ruttl teaches all about website designing and visual feedback

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      That's a good article!

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    I summarize lessons from official engineering blogs of tech companies at https://blogboard.io/blog

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    I run a blog for writers & creatives with an INFP or an INFJ personality type -> INF Club :)

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    Our blog focuses on educating people in tech (we are engineers) about investing in real estate. Especially the kind of real estate that is less heard of. It's called syndication, where a group on investors put resources together to purchase large apartment communities. This was historically not accessible to the every day investor and you had to be connected to get into these investments. https://collectiveinvesting.com/blog/

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        @sasidharan let me know if you have any questions!

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    https://thesaleheen.com I share my journey of Building in Public

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    I write mostly about finance, personal finance and a little bit of software engineering on Medium.

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    I help you discover fun, funny, uplifting and happy videos of the day that are beneficial to your mental health

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    Hello bloggers!

    I'm Fraser and I want to write about productivity, and the ways of the solopreneur doing coding for a living. I have only recently started to tweet and become active here on Indie Hackers.

    Thank you for allowing me to place my website here https://frasergorrie.com !

    I wrote my first blog article today and could use any feedback and especially any advice on best practices or tips. I especially like having the glaring things pointed out to me.

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    I started off by interviewing leaders in the Product Management space to gather insights and learnings to share with others, let me know if anyone has any feedback!


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    Currently going deep on an extended Mapbox and React series.

    I like to write about maps, React, the outdoors/natural resource management, and music.


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      Hi Ben - what a nice site! Easy to ready, light and balanced. The colours and fonts are excellent. I wish my own software development site was like yours. Well done!

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        Thank you! Took a lot of iterations to get it to the current state. Still improvements to be made but I can live with it for now.

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    Evidence-based business building. I explain complex business theory in plain language to help founders design better companies.


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    I write about:

    1. biz ops (building a remote-first co from idea through exit)

    2. personal projects (producing a music album and being published on apple music)


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    Practical tech tips in plain English - no jargon.


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    I have a blog at: https://codecapsule.com

    Started as a pure backend/algorithms blog years ago, I've decided to reboot it this year by pivoting to something more related to engineering management and keeping up with tech from an architect/CTO point of view.

    Now sure yet where I'm going with it, but I'm learning a lot about content marketing, competition research, targeting audiences, etc., and it's a fun ride so far.

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    I go about everyday searching for Extremely funny, positive and uplifting video I can write about and help the world discover so that their mental health won't suffer as much as it did last year. I share all the videos I find for the day at fungagger.com

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    I share some of my programming experience here:

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    I write about startups, software engineering, and leadership: https://www.karllhughes.com/

    Newsletter as well: https://mailchi.mp/a183cf10b418/startups

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    If your blog has an RSS feed, consider including it to https://diff.blog.

    diff.blog is an aggregator of developer blogs that I built to solve the discoverability problem of self-hosted blogs. It's hard for bloggers with self-hosted blogs to get discovered and reach a big audience. So a lot of them end up moving to a platform like Medium which gives them the audience. But they in turn give up their identity and content. diff.blog aims to fix that by solving the discoverability problem of self-hosted blogs. diff.blog is not anywhere near in terms of the audience size of Medium at the moment. But it has been growing steadily since I launched it a year before. Hopefully, it will come close one day :)

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    I write about my journey building my startup in my blog https://blog.parentscheduler.app/

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    Started a personal website with blog back in December.

    Topics are all over the place. It's mainly a creative outlet right now, but I'm trying to discover a niche.

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      that looks really neat, good job!

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    I'm documenting what I learn as a freelancer over at Kodeblok

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    I recently started my personal dev blog on Hashnode https://cosmin.around25.com , where I will add more posts soon, but for a while now I've been mostly writing on my agency blog. I write mostly technical posts, but I also have some related to running a dev agency and how to work with or evaluate devs: https://around25.com/blog/author/cosmin/

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      Just went through the Go/NodeJS article and really learnt something!

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        That's great... I'm glad :)

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    I write about innovation related events. Hackathons, Makeathons, Pitch Competitions...


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    My personal blog is https://rathes.me/writings. This is kinda focussed on personal matters and interests such as company culture, remote work or web development.

    ...and then there is the blog for my app Maxout: https://getmaxout.app/blog/ which is about fitness lifestyle.

    I've been slacking a bit with the writing but I'm working on it. (Next post coming this afternoon on the Maxout blog)

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      On a side note, your reading list 2020 is nice!

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        Also, thanks for the reminder that I should update the list 🙈

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    i write about web development and tech in general tipjarr

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    I'm writing about Go and JavaScript. Take a look at my blog

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    I research how to run a better business leveraging latest trends: Signals

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    This comment was deleted 3 months ago.

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