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Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy


if I want to start a business I will need for sure Terms and Conditions and a Privacy and Cookie policy.
Do you know of any website (even paying it's fine), that allows to generate such things based on some parameters?
For example a SaaS business, company is EU based etc...


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      Thanks, I dropped them an email. I'm not sure they support a EU based company. It was exactly what I was looking for in term of service. Thanks.

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        Yeah I have no idea about the EU support but it's definitely worth asking.

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          Yes, they do it in compliace with EU and offer a legal advice on their documents for 250-600 usd.

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    For privacy policy and consent management platform (privacy policy without CMP is useless in terms of compliance), I recommend (I work for them, on the privacy policy in particular).
    I can also help with the Terms of Use. Drop me an email if interested.

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