Terms of Service + Privacy Policy for an indie project

Hi hackers!

We've been working on our indie project for a few months now, and are about to launch any day now.

One of our missing pieces is the legal schlep - terms of service and privacy policy (our product handles user data, so they are somewhat important).

How did you guys handle writing those policies? did you use a paid lawyer or went down some alternative route? (being bootstrapped, we don't have a lot of funding to spare)

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    I think you can use https://www.avodocs.com/

    It is free and good.

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      Thanks, that was a life saver for me. Looking for ages for a good free solution.

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    I used the open source Basecamp policies and fine-tuned them for my needs. As soon as I have the funds I plan to replace them with custom ones written by a lawyer.

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      This is what I did as well. Works great for b2b SaaS.

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    Hi @selab, I've used https://getterms.io/ (got the comprehensive package) and found their generated policies very complete.

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    CC @petartod. He’s a cool lawyer specialized on indie hackers.

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