Ideas and Validation August 12, 2020

TEST: 3D illustrations, would you use them?

Samuel Briskar @Semy

Hey guys,

we are about creating some cool 3D libraries and I am curious if this type of 3D illustration is something you would use in your projects/products.

Or have you seen some similar webpages which used this type of 3D illustration? Which is in a cartoonish style.

IMPORTANT: it is not mine, I just downloaded it as a reference. It was done by: Guzz Soares

Would you buy this type of illustration & use it in your product/project?
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    I don't see any need for my kind of projects. But general illustration is of great value for web apps. Ii feel most ndiehackers yet to see the value a good illustration adds. I am a fan of

    1. 2

      He is an artist... his illustrstions are stunning.

      1. 2

        Who @levinunnink ? He is not just an artist, he is hardcore techy and founder of the famous app. And extremely helpful person, I am just happy to know him.

        1. 2

          Completely agree with this.

    2. 1

      Ou great! thanks a lot :)

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    Yes check out they make use of some cool 3D Illustrations

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      I would have said no at first, but after seeing this example I think that it's pretty cool. I guess that a good example of usage occasion is helpful.

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        Interesting, thanks! :-)

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      Coolio! bookmarked, this is what I was looking for.

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        I would definitely suggest some mockups for usage occasion. Prior to this person's post i would have said no. However, this example makes me lean heavily toward this.

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          Interesting. I didn't know that the showcase is important. I know it is important but didn't know that that much. I need to create more content to show different usage, then. Thanks!

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    Yes I would use 3D illustrations as long as they are minimal and not "juvenile" looking. I would love some kind of scene maker where you can assemble them. And it would be great if you can provide blender files too so we can render them in different angles.

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      Thank you, that's make sense! :)

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    Yes, if it doesn't take too much time to load.

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      Thanks! :-) Pitch was the pioneer in my eyes in using 3D in the whole webpage.

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    I would bank more on the style you are doing with avatarz, as a designer, I think it would appeal to wider audience of brands.

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      Thanks, @Visiwig. I just went across the internet and I found that the style of Avatarz is more popular also in libraries. But I was thinking, that once 3D will be more used, maybeeee ... because this style is much harder to do. And this can be reason why it is not that used yet?

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        You're probably right about complexity is a reason it is less seen. That might be the reason I don't like it... everything about it is amazing work, except the eyes don't fit and make it unusable for me.

        Where as the Avatarz style is minimalist and more abstract, which are characteristics that are ideal in logos and branding.

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          Cool! Interesting insights, thanks for that.

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    Woah! Such a talent.

    I searched for Avatarz to link it, then I realize it was yours. :) I don't have a product for any use of these, but I like the style on both. Avatarz is kinda todays trend like Apple's Big Sur icons, going back to 3D-ish. This could be the next thing.

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      :-) I think, that 3D will be more used as an alternative to 2D. But I was not sure if this one is not too much.

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