Test Keyword Conversions with Google Ads Before Writing Blog Posts

(From the latest issue of the Marketer Crew Series)


  • Figure out a way to upsell with your 404 page.
  • Checkout B2B SaaS marketing playbook full of growth marketing strategies for B2B SaaS founders.
  • Some grow faster, some grow slow, some grow tall and others short. Regardless, perseverance is what maximizes growth for all.
  • Adding a trailer to your video can increase 1-minute video views by 43%. Using a 4:5 aspect ratio outperform 16:9 by 2x. These are some of the insights Facebook recently released on their official blog
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SEO (with a twist)

Instead of picking a keyword and start pumping content. Test it first with Google Ads. This way you will know if those keywords are going to convert or not.

Run some small experiments; see if these keywords convert; if they do, make a plan for the long-term game of SEO.

Increase sales by adding a "made by" badge to your project

Jakob of Gum Spy got dozens of sales, along with hundreds of followers and subscribers because he added a small "made by" badge to his project's website.

Shaan Puri of My First Million clicked the badge and looked into Jakob. He liked what he saw and gave him a shoutout --- all thanks to that little badge.

These badges make it easy for potential customers to learn about you and your other projects, allowing for a more personal connection. They can also create trust (depending on your industry).

And they're particularly helpful if your target market is fellow makers, as it shows that you're a kindred spirit. Here's the free badge that Jakob used. It simply says "by Jakob Greenfeld" in the bottom right of each page, and links to his personal website.


Product Hunt Launch Checklist →

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✅ Lifetime updates

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  2. Six things I wish I knew before I bootstrapped my first SaaS startup

  3. An ex-Googler's guide to dev tools

  4. $9286 spent on marketing this month - [full report]

  5. The Mind Of a Brilliant Trend Seeker

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