Daily Stand-up May 24, 2019

TGIF Edition: Daily Stand Up

Janice @Janice


That extra nudge of accountability to achieve even a small step on your IH journey each day.

To join in:

01 Share your epic (a big chunk of work with a meaty objective) you'd like to complete by the end of May.

02 Share what you accomplished yesterday.

03 Share what you commit to accomplishing today.

04 Comment on at least one fellow hacker's progress and give them an IH Point for their check in.


05 Share your Work In Progress to underscore your accomplishments.

Then tune in the tomorrow to share how you did on your own tasks!


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    Giving https://257fixes.com/ a few days rest, while working on the new offering, that will bring recurring revenue. Also, working on the new copy.

    Main focus over the weekend and perhaps a few days into the week will be on a writing project that I'm working on with a friend and a business associate. As both of us are a blend of a contractor and a boostrapper, it's minded as such. The other project I'm working is fintech-related and particularly targeting contractors, bootstrappers and micro-enterprises. MVP being built as we speak.

    Both to be posted on IH in a wee while.

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    2019 Goals

    • [Magnus Rush] 50 Interactive Podcasts Created by Podcast hosts: (5/50) 10%
    • [Magnus Rush] 12k MAU for the App: (65/12k)
    • [Announcr] Build prototype and try to sell it to a customer

    May Goals

    • [Magnus Rush] Automate podcast outbound emails based on user activity: 100% Complete
    • [Magnus Rush] Invite 30 podcasts to the platform: 11/30 Done
    • [Announcr] Validate business interest with 10 survey responses/interviews: 4/10
    • [Announcr] Sign one customer for a paid pilot: 0/1
    • [Announcr] Prototype Consumer App for live demos: 94% Complete
    • [Announcr] Prototype Location Client App for live demos: 73% Complete


    • Added rudimentary ambient music/sound functions for the Announcr device. Web interface to choose tracks for playlist
    • Roughed In SaaS screens for location and device management/dashboard
    • Started flushing out a HELLA good use case


    • Long ride with MR, research affiliate programs
    • Do more research on coupon business model for the Announcr app


    1. 1

      Discover anything tasty re affiliate programs?

      1. 1

        This one is looking pretty awesome for me: https://www.getrewardful.com/

        1. 1

          Ah. I misinterpreted! You're setting up your own affiliate program, not joining someone else's! Nice!

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    By end of 2019

    5K MR ($3,513.34 of $5,000 - $0 from Jeanius | $3,495.34 from Hair Mogul | $18 from Happy Endings)

    By end of May

    • [Hair Mogul] Create 6 of 13 modules for online course. (4 of 6 created)
    • [Jeanius] Hire second VA.
    • [Jeanius] Add 16 posts of content. (7 of 16 published)


    • [Hair Mogul] Finished script for Module 5.
    • [Hair Mogul] Recorded Module 3.
    • [Jeanius] Turnover tickets assigned to me.


    • [Hair Mogul] Record Module 5.
    • [Jeanius] Turnover tickets assigned to me.
    • [Jeanius] Set up trial for new VA.
    • [Hair Mogul - Bonus] Create resources page.

    KUDOS: One more shot out @jpusateri and his consecutive appearance. I'm liking the trend.

    WIP: Jeanius, Hair Mogul, Happy Endings

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