Thank You IH🙏

Thank You Indie Hackers.

Today was my last day as a full-time corporate employee.

I ran up the corporate staircase for 11 years before realizing there was no end to it.

Today I jumped off that staircase.

From tomorrow, I am a freelance consultant, writer, and solopreneur working on my own projects.

I joined this community sometime last year and fell in love with the spirit of the people here.

Indie Hackers prioritize freedom over everything else, that's a thought I had at the back of my mind for a long time.

But before I joined IH I had never known of people who were bootstrapping their way to freedom.

I had always thought that I would be a corporate slave till 60, make a lot of money, and then live my retirement in peace😅

I am 33 and no more a corporate slave.

I haven't made a lot of money, but have 24 months of runway.

Have a consulting gig that will pay the bills.

And some ideas for businesses I want to start.

And it would not have been possible without joining this community.

I've met, collaborated, and made friends with numerous Indie Hackers in the last year or so.

Have received a ton of help and support from here.

For that, I am thankful to Indie Hackers.

And am always here for helping out other Indie Hackers who are just starting out in their journey.

If you feel stuck in a corporate job, not sure how to plan your own escape to solopreneurship, I've written a more practical blog post on how I went about making this decision - On a new Adventure✈

And if you need any advice, feel free to DM me on Twitter.

Thanks again IH🙏

  1. 4

    Congrats on taking a huge step!

    1. 1

      Thanks Courtland🙌

  2. 4

    Congrats Ayush. Taking that step is so important.

  3. 3

    Congrats Ayush, this is a huge step! Looking forward to all the exciting things you'll be doing : )

  4. 3

    congrats same here Thanks IH and I am doing freelancing until I come up with something

    1. 1

      Awesome Anish, looking forward to interesting stuff from you😀

  5. 3

    Congratulations! You did it! 🎉

  6. 2

    Jumping off staircases isn't good for your health I don't think

  7. 2

    Congrats Ayush, this is such a hard thing to do. But now, you own all of your success and there's nothing more important than that.

  8. 2

    Congrats again Ayush! I'm sure you'll achieve more success than ever!

  9. 2

    Amazing 🙌 brave and incredible step!

  10. 2

    That's a big step. Congrats!

  11. 2

    With 2 years of runway you're in a great position already! Nice blog post too btw. Those can be hit or miss and that one was packed with a lot of interesting info!

    All the best!

    1. 1

      Thanks Kyle🙏
      Hope the two years is good.
      With the blog post I have tried to answer all the questions I was getting over the last few weeks.
      Ever since I quit, people at work as well as on Twitter have been asking me about "how" and "why" of the decision.

      Glad you liked it.😀

  12. 2

    Congrats on believing in yourself and making the leap.

  13. 2

    Huge congrats 🎉

    Love that you've not only analysed your runway, but also still have a source of income to offset your burn.

    I quit my job just over 2 years ago and it took me 18 months before I made my first productised dollar. The best thing you can do is just give yourself as much runway as possible to remain persistent.

    You've got this!

    1. 1

      Thanks Lachlan🙏
      Yes, I learned to analyze my savings this way only after I started reading up on Indie Hackers.
      Corporate employees only look at their savings as retirement nest egg at best.

      It's a massive mindset shift for me.

      And it's encouraging that you think 2 years is a good enough time.

  14. 2

    Same boat, 32 with 2 years of runway. I think that's the perfect amount of time - just enough to feel the pressure and prioritize. Not so short that you can't get something off the ground (because it takes time to build momentum). And not so long that you meander aimlessly.

    Best of luck. Followed you on twitter.

    If you make something that has a free option, let me know I'm happy to try things.

    1. 1

      Yes.. I feel 2 years is a good time, the Goldilocks runway🙌

  15. 2

    Another one takes the red pill !! Get after it !!

  16. 2

    Alright! @ayushchat congrats man! Excited to see what you build now that you have time to dedicate on what drives you.

    1. 1

      Thanks Miguel, yea

      now I feel this healthy pressure to get more serious about some of my ideas😅

      1. 2

        healthy pressure is always great!

  17. 2

    Congrats! This is really awesome and inspirational!

  18. 2

    Congrats! I did the same thing a few weeks ago! :)

    1. 2

      Nice !! It's a full-scale corporate exodus !!

  19. 2

    Congrats, @ayushchat. I took the leap early this year. Enjoying every step on the way.

    1. 1

      Super Shantanu, exciting🤩

  20. 2

    That's exciting @ayushchat! I am rooting for you. I am on a similar staircase and I can't wait to make the jump. Keep us posted.

    1. 1


      Let me know if I can help in any way. Feel free to reach out🤗

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