Thanks to Indie Hackers, I was able to launch my SaaS podcast

A couple of months ago I had an idea to start a podcast, speaking to SaaS experts in all different specialisms.

I had a name, I had a producer, but we couldn't find a first guest.

I posted about the podcast all over the internet, including in this group. For a couple of weeks, nothing happened, but then I got a notification that someone had replied.

GoSquared CEO @jamesgill replied to my post saying he's interested in being on the podcast.

Indie Hackers to the rescue!

I had an absolute blast chatting to James, and following some editing, plenty of recording and re-recording of the intro and outro, some battling with Apple, we finally released our first episode of 'SaaSy as F**k' yesterday.

If you want to listen, I'll link to it below, but I just wanted to share my story and show my gratitude to such a vibrant and brilliant community.

Thanks, Indie Hackers!


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    This a great idea for a podcast, Jon. The first episode is the most difficult one. After that you have figured out a lot of things so it becomes easier.
    I also recently started a podcast about emerging tech startups.
    Here is our twitter account: https://twitter.com/TechCulturePod

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      Thanks, @primaprashant! There was definitely a lot to learn making the first episode, and definitely feel more confident going into the second.

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    Thanks again, Jon – this is why I love the IndieHackers community so much. It's an amazing place for serendipitous encounters like this, and you never know where they might end up – maybe your voice will end up piping its way down someone else's AirPods on their morning walk. You never know!

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    Just started a channel for podcasters in the Indie Worldwide slack. Send me a DM in Slack if you join and I'll add you https://indieworldwide.co/

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