The 8 elements behind every money printing B2B cold email

If you're sending cold emails, here's the 8 must-have elements you need to ensure you make money or flood your CRM with meetings

1. Write catchy subject lines

If they don't open your email, then whats the point. Keep your subject line short (60 chars or less), "outcome-focused", and its job is to generate intrigue, that. is. all.
Tickle interest and tease curiosity.
Don't be lazy and personalise it!, Include the company or their name
e.g "Your sales process is missing xyz", "I found you through <mutual connection", "I saw you use <software tech>"

2. Keep it short, not more than 100 words

According to Boomerang's study of 40 million emails, cold emails between 50 and 100 words get higher reply rates.
Everyone is busy, don't insult them with a long email

3. Personalize and lean towards an ABM approach

To make it attractive, personalize your email with the lead's recent activity or interests.
You can also find a blog comment, a LinkedIn post, or even a hobby of theirs and add it to your email. You can take personalization further with account-based marketing (ABM)
Or use SmartWriter to scale this process for you with AI

4. Use short paragraphs and sentences

To make cold emails easier to scan and digest, use 2-3 sentence paragraphs with brief, simple sentences kinda like this post

5. Have a simple, single CTA

A confused customer is a lost lead.
When you have multiple Call-to-action (CTA), it may be hard for a lead to make a choice. This scenario is called "The paradox of choice."
Use this as your litmus test, each email should have only ONE motive

6. Use GIFs and emojis to emotionally engage

We prefer to purchase things from people we like.
Also, with B2B often considered a serious "straight-faced" industry, you are always open to using fun and humor to be friendly and make authentic connections.
To improve the personality and warmth conveyed in your emails, you can use images, gifs, or emojis.
My cold emails have puppy images and people reply back saying "its unfair how good this email is"

7. Internalize the follow-up

80% of sales will require an average of 5 follow-ups. But the surprising thing is, After just one attempt, 44% of salespeople fail to follow up.
In an analysis of over 20M+ outbound sales emails, the Woodpecker team reported that cold email campaigns with 4-7 follow-ups had a response rate of 27%, which was 3x more than those with just 1-3 follow-ups.

8. Proofread your cold email

Always fact-check the name, job title, and company of your lead. And avoid basic errors like spelling mistakes or incorrect information about the lead (use the Grammarly app for further help).
Hope this helps!

The full blog covering all these points with examples as well as what NOT to do in a cold email is included here

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    Thanks for sharing these tips @veebuv! They are all pretty useful.
    Also, smartwriter looks neat! Are you using GPT or something like that?

    1. 1

      Thanks mate, in part yeah GPT3 :)

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