The alternative to Ko-fi, Buymeacoffee, Patreon for Africa

Hi indiehackers!

Today i'd like to introduce my first product which i launched last week called Ku-di .

So Ku-di is the alternative to Patreon, Ko-fi, Buymeacoffee for African creators and makers who are looking to get financial support from their local fans, community and audience.
They can receive donations through local payment systems such as mobile money and credit card, and receive payouts in their local bank account or mobile money account.
Some cool features are as follow:

  • A single email address gets you a free personal account + up to 5 creator accounts which you can use to you receive donations.
  • Ability to create membership tiers as many as you want which your audience donate for.
  • Instant deposit into your local account in less than 72 hours at no extra cost.
  • Create both public and private posts.
  • more to come soon etc

Currently, only Ghanaian creators can receive donations. More Africa countries to come soon.

I launched it today on both Product Hunt and Indiehackers and on Makerlog last week.

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