The Art Of Getting a Shoutout

Whether it's Newsletter to Newsletter
or Twitter to Twitter.
or Business to Business.

Shoutouts are an art. Not a science.

If you have any audience of any size. from 1 Mom to 10k twitter followers to 20k newsletter subscribers.

You can be shouting out about your favorite products.

And sometimes people will ask you to shoutout about their product.

There's no science to this. I swear, I've tried experimenting.

Now I've stopped worrying and learned to love the art of it.

IF I could... I'd trade shoutouts to newsletters every week.

But there's a lot of work that goes into each one.

I have to actually like the thing I'm writing about. So I go read and read some more and find something I love.

Then I write about it, as if to a friend.

That may turn into a blurb in my newsletter or it might be tight enough to be a tweet.

Sometimes it's actually just an email to a friend.

I will say that newsletter shoutouts have worked. My newsletter (audience: Marketers) will click and subscribe to other newsletters.

I've gotten shoutouts in other newsletters (not marketers) and people come over and subscribe.

If you write about online culture in anyway I'm happy to trade shoutouts. I'm at [email protected]

If you write about marketing. Happy to trade shoutouts.

If you tell me why I should love your product. Happy to trade shoutouts.
Word of Mouth is tough. Sometimes you have to write the words that come out of my mouth.

Tips to Better Getting More Shoutouts

  1. Give More Shoutouts
    Just start tweeting about awesome things you use.
    Send emails to friends and family, unasked, telling them about something you love.

  2. Don't Ghost
    Even if you can't or won't shoutout someone or something. Give a reason.

I have a little fallback plan of my own. When I don't feel like my newsletter audience will like the product, I'll post on my linkedin.

If I don't think it's appropriate for my LinkedIn audience, I will tweet it out.

If I can't figure out a way to tweet about it.. and provide value. I'll find a few friends colleagues that I can email directly.

  1. Write, Write, Write.
    Start writing about everything around you. Why do you use it? Why should others care? Write to your friends and family about great things you found. Write a lot. Write more than you should about a show, and email it to someone who should watch it.

By going through a large amount of shoutouts on your own, You'll figure out what's working or not.

  1. Write a shoutout for yourself.
    Send that to people. Give them a few to choose from. Give them something to love about your product/newsletter.. whatever.
  1. 1

    Love this. Any idea how many subs you've gotten from shoutouts like these?

    1. 2

      Not sure the exact total sum.
      From a nonprofit newsletter: 55
      From an agency's internal newsletter: 32

      1. 1

        That's awesome, nice work :) And thanks for the info!

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