The best blogging tool for developers gets a free tier!

Today is a big day for CodeWrite! The best code-blogging tool becomes even more accessible! That’s because we’re introducing a full-blown free tier - the best way for you to get familiar with CodeWrite!

How does it work?

CodeWrite Free tier
The free tier provides you with the boatload of features that any other CodeWrite plan does right now. Great UI and UX, excellent Grammarly integration, built-in Monaco Editor and Prettier support, as well as “one-click publishing.” The only limitation is that you can have only 1 project (post) with a max of 6000 characters. This is about 1000 words, so plenty to get a good feel of CodeWrite experience and even create some outstanding blog posts! On top of that, embeds, images, and even code snippets - all count as one character - so you can write as much code as you want!

In practice, this means that you won’t be creating new CodeWrite projects, rather than just editing the existing example ones - the one that is pinned for publishing, to be precise.

Other improvements

The free tier is not the only improvement that CodeWrite (v1.0.1) brings to the table! The other highlights are:

  • Stats for the word and character count for each project.
  • Improved image and embeds resizing - you can change their dimensions to keep them from interrupting your writing flow.
  • Small fixes: improved block menu behavior, third-party cookie requirement message, and bold links CSS style fix.

The future

So, that’s it for now — just a quick update on the development process and huge announcement in the form of the Free tier.

Honestly, I can’t express how excited I am to ramp up CodeWrite development and adoption. I think this is something that code bloggers really need and can benefit from extensively!

If you’ve already checked out the Free tier and want to get full CodeWrite experience, the pricing starts at just $3/month (or $30/year), and you can still use the code first100 to get 20% off!

For more CodeWrite content, follow its development on Twitter, and join the Discord server for on-going discussions! Happy blogging!

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