The best programming teacher that never taught me a lesson

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    What a coincidence! Mr. Dolinsky taught me programming as well. He was definitely one of the teachers I appreciated the most while studying at uni. This can be explained by his strong passion for his subject. He is also such a big-hearted person, and he would always make us laugh. I'm going home next month, and I think I'll pay him a visit. I think he was the only professor who wasn't using any online teaching tools from https://topteachingtasks.com/online-teaching-resources-shop/ and knew the answer to all our questions. Besides, he would always ask me about my well-being, and he was just so caring. Absolutely love Mr. Dolinsky.

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      Oh wow, just noticed this comment. IH doesn't seem. to be sending notifications unless you cc (@xLaurenHx). What a coincidence indeed!
      Are you in the Bar Area by any chance? ;)

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