The best way to use Webflow (financially speaking)

Hello everyone,

I am working on 🥳 Repozix 🤩 and you might notice that the landing page is a mess. 😭
We want to take it to the next level 🚀by using Webflow, a natural choice when you check the impressive templates they offer 👊

My questions are for those who have experience with Webflow.

  1. When you buy a Webflow template, do you keep a monthly subscription on Webflow in order to make your changes, or you just subsribe for a month, download your code and handle your changes locally?

  2. For those who have a monthly Webflow subscription, do you think it makes sense since you might not change your landing page that much? (we are bootstrapping so we want to minimize our expenses) 💰

Any feedback is welcome either on the landing page or with regards to my questions above 😊

  1. 2

    Landing page isn't terrible. By the way you talked above i thought it would be.

    Some quick tips to improve it

    • More spacing
    • Less animation
    • Move pricing to /pricing and add an FAQ
    • Reorder some stuff looks a little messy

    Looks like you have a blog and if you want to use Webflow CMS you will have to stay subbed.

    $20 a month isn't that much, ideally you want to learn as fast as possible if it is a good idea.

    Any time wasted spent building landing pages etc is time you could be talking with customers.

    Also unless you're working full time on the project you most likely have more money than time.

    I built https://versoly.com/ a competitor to Webflow and we have a ton of indie hackers who use us instead of it.

    1. 1

      thanks for the tips, I will make sure to take them into account. I will also check Versoly and see if it is a good choice for us.

      1. 2

        No problem. I love reviewing landing pages.

        Please let me know what you decide to go with and why, will be a huge help.

        1. 1

          Hi, we have decided to go with webflow mainly because we found a very appropriate template for us and we kinda lack the skills to design something from scratch. On the other hand, I checked your website and it looks super great, keep doing the great work you are already doing. Best of luck, cheers.

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            Thanks. Few more questions if you have time :)

            How much was the template?
            Have you started using it?
            How easy is it to edit?

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    Hi abdelhaak,

    For your questions here are some answers:

    1. I personally don't really work with templates, they seem to be used too often to the point where you cannot tell the difference between one site and the next. However, after working with some clients with templates 99% tend to choose the monthly subscription as it is just easier to manage. If you don't want to use a template but have something pre-built already that you can edit I would recommend that you make a Webflow account and look at the "showcase". There are plenty of great sites on there that are super easy to edit.

    2. As for the cost implications, they are not that heavy but they do make sense. Especially if you use the CMS field for a blog or project showcasing as it is just a case of dropping in the information and hitting publish, really easy.

    Hope that helps :)

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    May I offer a free alternative?

    Choosing a free Jamstack template here: stackbit.com and just extending the page with custom code. This is slower than Webflow, but free, and it comes with a free CMS and netlify hosting!! And even a content editor for the CMS if you want to use it.

    My website is built this way. It's less complex than yours, but I'm sure the animations wouldn't be so hard to add if you need those!

    By the way, I think your landing page is good, just the animations are a bit intense imho :)

    1. 1

      Stackbit rocks, we actually built a template that you can deploy on Stackbit.

      you can find it on wickedtemplates.com and is called Noir.

      ![] (https://www.wickedtemplates.com/images/thumbnails/noir.webp)

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