"The Big Indie Maker Black Friday Sale, 2021" 🥳

Hey everyone!

"The Big Indie Maker Black Friday Sale, 2021" is here! 🥳

A growing collection of best indie maker deals from the community 💗


This was a little side project I put together over the weekend and there are now over 100+ awesome deals listed, including several Lifetime deals!

Show your fellow makers some love, and grab yourself a great deal.

Happy Thanksgiving!

  1. 5

    This is amazing, thanks for taking the time to put this together for all us indie makers. Glad to be part of the list 😊

  2. 5

    Most complete list I've seen so far, thanks for doing this 🙏 And glad to be a part of it :)

    1. 4

      thanks Dagobert, you're so welcome.
      I had a lot of fun creating the website and learned a lot.
      Also got to connect with a ton of makers which was the best part.
      Hope everyone has a good Black Fri sales season!

  3. 4

    Just submitted Removaly. Great list, thanks for putting it all together!

  4. 3

    A beautiful initiative to support our amazing community of indie makers 🚀

  5. 2

    Hey @threehourcoffe. Thank you for this awesome opportunity! Your project looks great. Happy Thanksgiving 😁

  6. 1

    Not sure if it’s me… But the page isn’t loading on mobile

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